The 74 best resources about web design


The 74 best resources about web design

Expert advice on what to bookmark and follow to help you learn and grow as a web designer on your own.

“You cannot teach, you can only learn.” And, perhaps, now is the time when learning is easy – there are many sources of knowledge. There are even too many of them. Information about web design – read not reread. There are also pre-made selections of the most important resources.

The problem is that they are often written by copywriters who do not deal with practice. Therefore, we went from the opposite direction – we turned to experts and asked them to share the really necessary resources from their practice. The result is a useful selection – a concentrate of vitamins in the world of diluted juices. Enjoy.

What to read, watch and listen to about web design

To make a website on Tilda, you don’t have to be a designer: you assemble a website from ready-made universal blocks and even templates. However, for inspiration and general development, it is worth looking at and reading what other specialists are doing and how: what solutions they use, how they design site interfaces, in what sequence the blocks are placed, how fonts are combined.

For your convenience, we have summarized all resources in tables, sorted by category.


Websites and Blogs
Design and development publication.

A selection of the best works of agencies and web studios from around the world.

Catalog of the portfolio of designers.

Ready-made palettes and examples of color combinations.

An educational platform with courses for designers.

CSS Winner
Selection of the best sites.

Translation of articles about design and digital from English.

Design shack
Publication about web design: articles, inspiration, galleries.
Apple guidelines for designers.

Digest MBLTdev
Dijet articles for developers.

A community and portfolio of good designers.

Getpocket of the CreativePeople team
The CreativePeople team captures and shares interesting content.
The best examples of graphic design.

Great Apps Timeline
A retrospective of the design of the most popular apps.

Growth Supply
A selection of free resources for a designer.
Dyjet about Yura Vetrov’s interfaces.
Selections of cases, useful tools and films for designers.

How to achieve efficiency in projects when collaboration of different specialists is required.

A selection of the best landing pages.

Articles about design.
Google Resource for Designers: Theory, Sources, and Tools for Digital Product Creation.

Mikhail Kalashnikov’s blog about media and technology.

Blog about design.

Nathan Curtis
Blog by Nathan Curtis, founder of UX at EightShapes.
The best examples of graphic design.

Product Hunt
Showcase of new IT products.

Re: Vision
Designers portfolio. Many good works from designers from the CIS countries.

A catalog of the best examples of web design.
Articles on how to use Sketch effectively.

Tilda Education
Library of knowledge about web design and internet marketing.
A publication about startups, growing businesses, new earning models, extraordinary heroes from around the world and growth technologies.

Blog about design.
Popular illustrated long reads about almost everything in the world.
Web design news.

Design & Interfaces Blog
Blog of Maxim Shaikhalov, interface designer.

Design tavern
Collective blog of designers. magazine
Journal of the project of Ilya Ruderman and Yuri Ostromentsky.

Font magazine
Online publication about type and typography.

Artemy Lebedev’s manhood
Notes on design, history of important inventions, interfaces, semiotics, etc.

Runet rating
Competition of sites on the Russian Internet.

Ludwig Bystronovsky’s website
Website of the designer and art director: links to publications and announcements of performances.

Tips. Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau
Advice on design, layout, text editing and negotiations with clients.

The largest Russian IT community.


Speckyboy Design Magazine
Distribution of articles for designers – about creating interfaces, about tools, about marketing and working with clients. Recommended by Roman Kvartalnov.

A newsletter on how to write useful information-style text. Recommended by: Maxim Smirnov and Daria Prokuda.

Design Thinking
Weekly newsletter digest from interface designer Lyosha Reva. Recommended by: Olga Pavlova.

Design digest
A paid graphic design digest from the creator of Awdee. Recommended by: Olga Pavlova.

Hull-free interfaces
Anton Zhiyanov’s weekly newsletter-digest. Recommended by: Olga Pavlova.

Design communities

Community on Slack about design.

Design Thinking Russian Group
The Russian community about design thinking on Facebook.

Russian Prototyping Club
A Facebook group where designers from all over Russia share useful links and experiences.

UX club
A group of UX specialists on Facebook.

UX&UI Intensive
An open group dedicated to the UX / UI Intensive in Britain. Materials, articles, courses and vacancies for designers.

UX Nouname
Reviews, digests, broadcasts on UX design topics.

UX designer notes
Useful articles, videos, observations on the topic of interface design.

Facebook community of design managers
The Facebook group grew out of the Design Management course at the British Higher School of Art and Design.

Podcasts and videos

Casey neistat
Channel of Casey Neistat, a very popular YouTube personality, filmmaker, vlogger and co-founder of social media company Beme.

Don’t Fear The Internet
Free video lectures on the basics of HTML and CSS.

Google Developers
Google Developer Channel.

Inside Intercom
Podcasts from the Intercom team, in which expert practitioners talk about design, startups and marketing.

Photoshop Tutorials by PHLEARN
Photoshop video tutorials for designers, illustrators and photographers.

The channel of the largest publication about technological innovations.

UX Podcast
A competent podcast on narrow UX topics.

Y Combinator
Channel of the largest startup accelerator. Experts share the stories of companies’ formations.

ZephyrLab studio channel. Design Stories & Conference Papers – Dribbble, Design Weekend, LeanKanban.

Yandex Academy
Reports from Yandex designers.

Telegram channels

Being Danil Krivoruchko
Channel of Danila Krivoruchko, a visual effects designer based in New York.

Channel of Sergei Surganov, art director of Meduza.

Now How Channel
Links to well-designed websites from all over the world.

Links to design topics, usually without explanation.

Annotated links to interesting, useful, and surprising high tech news.

Notes by UX Designer Anton Grigoriev.

Pasha and his procrastination
Pavel Fedorov’s channel about how to write text, problems of writers, rules of the Russian language, advice from writers, books about craft.


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