11 useful extensions for Adobe Photoshop


11 useful extensions for Adobe Photoshop

In this post, we have collected useful extensions for Photoshop for you. They will definitely come in handy for web designers who develop their projects in Photoshop, but not only for them.

Almost all examples are free!

Layrs Control

Layrs Control is a free plugin that contains scripts to help you save time when working with layers. You will be able to remove unused effects or empty layers, merge layer styles, etc. with one click.


A lot of guides while working in Photoshop can freak out anyone. The GuideGuide extension makes working with guides easier and more organized. You have the ability to create guides based on a document or selection, and you can also set a specific distance. You can save guide templates and use them in other documents.


The Web Font plugin gives you the ability to use Photoshop to access a huge library of web fonts. The extension only works with Suitcase Fusion 5 and WebINK. But its benefits are great. You can try on any web font without downloading and installing.


Skeuomorphism is a simple Photoshop extension that flattens your design in minutes by replacing gradients with a solid color.


CSS3PS makes it easier to convert Photoshop layouts to CSS3.

Perfect Effects 8

Many useful effects for your images are completely free.


ContrastMaster is a Lightroom plugin and editor for creating dramatic contrasts, photorealistic images, HDR effects and more (Free trial)

Cut and slice me

Cut and Slice Me allows you to export objects to any device in a matter of seconds.

Divine elemente

Helps to convert Photoshop layouts to WordPress themes.


The extension helps you work with the much-needed PNG files on the web. The plugin supports alpha channel control, variable compression, ICC profile and metadata preservation.


Flaticon is a free project created by the initiative of designers and developers. It is also one of the largest databases of free vector icons available for download in SVG, PSD, or PNG formats. You can also convert icons to web fonts, fully resize and edit them.

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