10 useful lectures for designers


10 useful lectures for designers

Internal TEDs from ZephyrLab, where employees share their experience. Each video will take a maximum of 15 minutes to watch.

In this collection, you will learn how to:

  • make a logo using associative rows;
  • the presentation of the project affects the image of the company and the project;
  • and why you should use fonts of the same family;
  • take criticism and how to charm the customer;
  • start working with the west;
  • and etc.

How to make a logo?

You will learn how you can create a logo using associative series. Together with Yana Suvorova, you will follow all the stages of work using the example of the new MGSU logo.

Plugins and useful features for Sketch

Masha Kopotilova talks about plugins and useful features for Sketch to help you speed up your work.

How does the presentation of the project affect the image of the company and the project?

From the report of our creative director Roman Kartalnov, you will learn why you should never send layouts as attachments to a letter and how to make customers fall in love with your work at first sight.

I (heart) typography

The wrong choice of font can ruin the whole impression of the project. Lead designer Yana Suvorova will reveal the basics of working with fonts in 12 minutes: how to choose, use, what font pairs are and why it is better to use one font family. And most importantly, you will know what to consider when working with fonts during layout.

How to get out of the creative crisis?

We are creative at work and sometimes get so carried away that we forget about friends and the rest of the world. Even if this is your favorite business, at some point it can drive you into a crisis state. In 12 minutes, the lead designer of ZephyrLab Olya Afanasyeva will tell you how you can bring yourself back to normal and enjoy your favorite work again.

How to optimize online forms on your website?

We all come across forms on the Internet: when we buy vacation tickets, pay for a tent in an online store, or fill out a questionnaire on the website of a dream employer. Yana Suvorova conducted a study, which she will share with us. From the report you will learn how you can improve the work of forms and what is in trend now.

What needs to be considered for the picture to make sense?

Behind the design of one page is a lot of work with content and material analysis. Very often, such tasks fall on the shoulders of designers. Our analyst Aniyat Kurbanova talks about what needs to be considered in order for the picture to make sense.

Interview with Roman Kvartalny: design career, working with the USA and inspiration

Roman talks about how to become an art director, teamwork, seeking inspiration, experience with US customers, and working remotely.

Where can I get content for the site?

Cheerful art director Sergey Kuznetsov knows a lot about finding materials for the site. Seryozha often had to independently resolve issues related to the initial content of the site. Simply, the customer could not immediately provide the material, but the work needed to be shown. There are a lot of useful things in Sergey’s short lecture.

How to give positive criticism?

A creative person is the most vulnerable and unprotected. Psychologist and musician Maria Kvartalnova tells how to distinguish between positive and negative criticism, how to perceive criticism. You will also learn how to criticize colleagues environmentally.

Source: ZephyrLab

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