10 lectures with Odessa Dribbble Meetup 2016

In August, another Dribbble Meetup was held in Odessa, where representatives of the creative industry shared their knowledge.

This collection of lectures, with a total duration of almost 5 hours, contains presentations by designers, developers, illustrators on a variety of themes: from discussing the importance of understanding code by designers, to drawing up a brief for work.

Valentin Boev – Kid, you brief me

Nadya Abrosimova – Should a designer code?

Artem Svitelsky – IT Designer. What? Where? When?

Dima Kiselev – Design Experience and Cases

Mitya Neradzinsky – Thinking like a Japanese. Features of Japanese design on the example of Snapchat Japan

Dmitry Novikov – New product

Alesya Podlesnaya – UX / UI design in an enterprise

Elena Mikheeva – How much: design estimates and how to make them

Evgeniy Ron – 12 weeks marathon in Sketch

Lydia Bogdanovich – How to create an effect on a billion and make the whole world grimace

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