10 lectures with Odessa Dribbble Meetup 2016


10 lectures with Odessa Dribbble Meetup 2016

In August, another Dribbble Meetup was held in Odessa, where representatives of the creative industry shared their knowledge.

This collection of lectures, with a total duration of almost 5 hours, contains presentations by designers, developers, illustrators on a variety of topics: from discussing the importance of understanding code by designers, to drawing up a brief for work.

Valentin Boev – Kid, you brief me

Nadya Abrosimova – Should a designer code?

Artem Svitelsky – IT Designer. What? Where? When?

Dima Kiselev – Design Experience and Cases

Mitya Neradzinsky – Thinking like a Japanese. Features of Japanese design on the example of Snapchat Japan

Dmitry Novikov – New product

Alesya Podlesnaya – UX / UI design in an enterprise

Elena Mikheeva – How much: design estimates and how to make them

Evgeniy Ron – 12 weeks marathon in Sketch

Lydia Bogdanovich – How to create an effect on a billion and make the whole world grimace

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