10 designer lectures on creativity


10 designer lectures on creativity

Art directors, type designers, artists, designers, owners of their own studios – everyone shared an interesting story that is worth reading!

Andrey Zubrilov. Superpower

About the classics in design, the choice of a profession and disclosure in it, about design laboratories as the future of education, about the sun man, the importance of not separating oneself from society and the development of the head.

Andrey Zubrilov, art director, designer, one of the founders of the 365 detox healthy products brand and the SILA project group. Lectures, consults brands, agencies and designers.

Dima Sullivan. Design as script

About working with cultural institutions, love of engineering, science and chess, structural thinking, situational design, organization of work in a small design studio.

Dmitry Sullivan – Art Director, Founder of Sulliwan Studio, whose clients include Strelka Institute, Krasny Oktyabr, Moscow Department of Culture, World Chess.

Maxi Shilov. Design as meaning design

About history and modernity, about minimalism, uniqueness, simplicity, space, design, communication and important points that need to be monitored in work and, of course, about education.

Maxi Shilov, Creative Director of Adept Works, director of the documentary Aestetik, in which representatives of Scandinavian design, architecture and art speak out on the topic of visual culture.

Tim Black. Design inseparable from the product

About the role of the designer in the life of the company, about education, the importance of typography, the relationship of design with money, with psychology.

Tim Cherny is the founder of the Rage studio, art director of the AIC design studio, chief designer of Bang! Bang! Education, among his projects are Tinkoff, Fifa, Gosuslugi, Webinar.

Olga Gerasimenko. How to negotiate with customers

A lecture about how to tame inner demons, find support and resources for those who are temporarily or forever in crisis.

Olga Gerasimenko is a practicing psychologist, conducts individual psychological counseling, psychotherapy sessions, education and training. Graduated from Moscow State University. Lomonosov (specialty “Organizational Psychology”, Master’s degree “Clinical Psychoanalysis”), received a specialized education at the International Ericksonian University, MIGIP (2 years of study in gestalt therapy), developmental trauma “, Integral Somatic Psychotherapy Institute and City University of London (psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy). For more than 10 years he has been working with anxiety, depression, dysphoria, affects and character disorders, personal, professional, age and creative crises. people who have experienced loss and separation.In accordance with professional standards, he works with colleagues who regularly assess the quality and objectivity of consultations, participates in conferences, programs and seminars on correct diagnosis and psychocorrection.

Artem Geller. Become unique

Conversation with Artem Geller about painful things in the profession, about education, society, family, finding oneself.

Creative and CEO of Lab.Ag, developer of many government websites, including the website of the President of Russia.

Alexey Kurbatov. Profession: Illustrator

Lesha’s lecture for Bang Bang Education is devoted to questions, the answers to which do not migrate from public to public without changes in paragraph order. Whether confidence is harmful or useful, how to break into the profession and not lose creativity, what to do for a newcomer in a cruel professional society – he shared his observations and conclusions with us. About global and vital, routine and nerves, about currents and business trips to Mars in 20 minutes.

Alexey Kurbatov is a talented and well-known illustrator from St. Petersburg, works with magazines and newspapers “Snob”, The New Republic, Robb Report, “Kommersant”, drew illustrations for lenta.ru and the charitable project “Takie Dela”, regularly collaborates with Russian and foreign companies, illustrates books and participates in exhibitions.

Mikhail Zhashkov. Profession number one

Why the rate of change is incomparable with the rigidity of the previous educational system. about the fact that the transfer of properties from the real world to digital copies – transcription – is not the creation of a product, and product design does not exist. about knowledge and courage to look into blackness. about how values ​​are formed. about the death of the author, the triumph of the introvert, pleasure, development and pure magic.

Mikhail Zhashkov is a design director at TRA Robotics, supervised the development of the website of the President of Russia, worked as a project director at Sberbank, and product manager at Yandex. Engineer. Designer. Teacher.

Nastya Zabrodina. Special vision

A message to vulnerable artists: why edits are cool. On the legacy of GOSTs and the blinkeredness of Russian clients About new generation gold diggers making apps. The fact that the style develops against the will, and the illustration will heal people.

Nastya Zabrodina is an illustrator, artist, designer, co-founder of the Futurico studio.

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