Yandex School of Design lectures


Yandex School of Design lectures

In the summer of 2015, the first Yandex Design School took place, where Yandex designers taught how to create Internet products for a mass audience.

Based on the lectures given, a video course was compiled, which consists of 23 lessons.

There are four blocks in total:
– design in a large company,
– prototypes,
– products,
– teamwork.

Lectures are published on Tuesdays on the Yandex channel, but so far there are 3 lectures available, which you can watch below.

Briefly about the School. Taras Sharov

Introduction. Taras Sharov and Lola Kristallinskaya

Brand. Andrey Los vs Igor Lutz

Visual language. Roman Iskandarov vs Sergey Fedorov

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