Yana Frank “Muse, where are your wings?”


Yana Frank “Muse, where are your wings?”

Yana Frank I am sure that many will not have this book from Yana Frank for the first time. Previously, Yana had already published her books: “The Muse and the Beast”, “The Muse and the Beast” and others, in which she expounded her thoughts on creative work.

In general, I only learned about such a concept as time management from her book, but I did not discover anything new for myself, tk. I usually called it a simple word – “self-organization” and for a long time practiced the approach of rationally allocating time to work, home and everything else (at that time, I had been freelancing for 3 years without office work experience and was doing quite well.

Almost the same thing (that I haven’t learned anything new from the book) I can say about her new work entitled “Muse, where are your wings?” – a book in which Yana has collected countless real stories from the lives of her friends and readers, who themselves sent her their stories, describing the incredibly thorny path of becoming an artist. All these stories are associated with creative activity and with those obstacles that arise in the path of a young artist, designer and any other person in the creative profession.

Who is this book for

The book is primarily for young people who have just decided (or almost decided) with their choice in life: “I want to become an artist!” or “I want to become a designer!”, but have not yet received a vocation in this area, and are in every possible way discouraged by parents and loved ones to start doing this “unprofitable” work.

Also, this book is perfect for those people who, having already received some kind of specialty and successfully working on it, suddenly realized that all their life they had been doing absolutely not what they like. And now they are ready to change something! But how? How to quit your job and start learning the basics of composition, color, shadow, white and black? Yes, it is difficult, but quite possible. And what exactly needs to be done in such a situation is described very accurately in his book “Muse, where are your wings?” Yana Frank.

What is this book about

First of all, this is a motivator book, which will not give completely disappointed in life to those who really, really want to be creative, but see a lot of obstacles on the way to their dream. And also relatives and acquaintances, who in every possible way dissuade from this venture … In general, there are many problems, but how to really cope with them is not clear. But Yana is trying very hard to help deal with all the problems and make her dream come true.

But sometimes I got the impression that this book is not a motivator, but, on the contrary, a demotivator. Several dozen pages are devoted only to the topic of oppression of the creative personality by her friends and relatives. There are a lot of “typical phrases” described that will be used against you by everyone who does not want you to become an artist. But then a lot of useful tips are listed that you can always apply in a conversation with your next relative or acquaintance.


Among other things, if you are a big fan of Yana Frank, read her blog every day and actively follow all the news related to her, then you definitely need to read this book. In it, Yana tells many interesting and instructive stories from her life, even from those times when she was no more than 10 years old. But all of these stories fit very well into the overall story of the entire book.

The book “Muse, where are your wings?” can be bought on Ozon or in any other online or offline stores (cost about 550 rubles).


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