VKontakte redesign competition


VKontakte redesign competition

From July 11 to August 1, VKontakte is holding a competition for designers.

A task – create an updated interface for the full version of the VKontakte website.

Prizes for the winners

Authors of the best works will receive the most powerful MacBook Pro laptops, a trip to San Francisco to attend the UX Week 2014 conference, which will be held from September 9 to 12, and the opportunity to join the VKontakte team to work on key products of the site: on the web and mobile devices.

The task

The main task of redesigning VKontakte is to solve the following urgent problems:

Layout width
Throughout the entire existence of VKontakte, the width of the site layout did not change, while the average width of monitors was constantly growing. For more efficient use of space, it is proposed to increase the width of the site for comfortable work on a screen with a minimum width of 1024px.

Font size
A significant part of the VKontakte audience manually increases the font size in the browser for comfortable reading. It is proposed to conduct an experiment and increase the font of the notes on the walls and in the news. It is also allowed to globally change the size and font family on the site to improve the legibility of the text when reading.

Simplifying styles
The style of VKontakte is annually simplified: unnecessary shadows, frames, volumetric elements, etc. are eliminated. As part of the competitive task, it is proposed to preserve the simplicity and consistency of the styles used, without complicating them with heavy elements, and also to improve outdated styles.

Look for the full terms of the competition on the VK page

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