Video of lectures on urban design


Video of lectures on urban design

In August, open lectures on urban design were held at the British Higher School of Art and Design together with the Art. Lebedev Studio. Leading practitioners talked about how to change the urban environment, create comfortable conditions for life, movement and communication in the city and influence what residents face on a daily basis when going out.

Typography in an urban environment

Leading designer of the Art. Lebedev Studio Iskander Mukhamadeev delivered a lecture “Typography in an Urban Environment”. Iskander took an active part in creating the architectural and artistic concept of the external appearance of streets, highways and territories of the city of Moscow, which is currently being implemented in the central regions.

In his speech, he explained what the design code of Moscow is, how to correctly create, design and place signs on the facades of buildings and why the windows of the first floors should not be covered with advertising.

How to achieve the result

A motivational lecture by Artemy Lebedev is devoted to how not to be afraid to make decisions and start changing your life right now, without looking back at the circumstances, criticism of loved ones and the pressure of society.

The country’s chief designer confirms his theses with stories from his personal life, each of which ends in success: from his first steps in design with fictional works in his portfolio to the creation of the most famous studio, which will turn 20 next year.

Artemy shares his professional secrets and tells how the modern map of the Moscow metro was created, how to cooperate with the city authorities and how the design community reached such an influence that it offered its ruble sign to the Central Bank of Russia.

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