Top Cloud Security Companies

Top 6 Cloud Security Companies in 2022: Say Goodbye to Your Worries

Using the cloud has become a necessity, but it raises a question about tackling security, as it requires a combination of on-premises IT and monitoring features distinct to the cloud.

Since the task is so complex, working only with the top cloud consulting companies is very important.

We took a deep look at cloud security, and we selected the following companies to feature as the top in 2022:

1. CloudPassage by Fidelis

Fidelis Landing Page

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA

CloudPassage is designed to keep all of your Cloud Assets secure.

The Public IaaS – Halo Cloud Secure is the CSPM service of the Halo Cloud security platform, and it provides automated security for assets hosted in public clouds.

Their service is fast, consistent and they focus on maintaining ad established infrastructure secure. Cloud passages offer services such as discovery, inventory, automated assessment, ongoing monitoring, and remediation guidance.

CloudPassage administers all-inclusive policy and guides templates with clear policy management components. Server Secure CWPP automatizes all security features for Linux and Windows servers that are stationed on any cloud hosting background.

2. Symantec

Symantec Landing Page

Headquarters: San Jose, California, USA

Symantec cloud security was acquiesced by Broadcom inc. Symantec focuses on cloud security, workload protection, and CASB.

Cloud workload protection offers automatic security and observation of cloud assignments and storage.

Their Cloud Workload (public or hybrid) protection has Automatic discovery and security for public cloud workloads and Cloud-specific protection that is flexible and easily combined with CI/CD pipelines.

It has Real-time scanning, meaning automatic identification of security aspects for assignments, software service discovery, and risk evaluation.

3. Qualys

Qualys Landing Page

Headquarters: Foster City, California, USA

They were founded in 1999. Qualys provides cloud platform models that can meet different facets of cloud security.

Qualys Cloud Platform sensors are remotely adaptable, centrally managed, and self-updating.

With automated, build-in threat detection, it is an end-to-end security solution. It has Internet-facing Remote Cloud-based scanners for checking your parameters, local scanners and Passive on-premises hardware scanners, and real-time network analysis of your data.

4. Palo Alto Networks

PaloAlto Landing Page

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, USA

Founded in 2005. Palo Alto Networks can provide cloud-native security for organizations with workload security.

Its Prisma Cloud is an integrated platform for securing any cloud. It is a broad service and secures the infrastructure, applications, and data.

Also, it ensures authorization across clouds and runs this security platform from a single location. It combines cloud service provider APIS and agent framework, user-matched visibility, and protection.

Prisma Cloud integrates with extended delivery (CI/CD) workflow to secure cloud infrastructure and applications from the beginning of their development. It automatically detects the users about network action using machine learning.

Prisma Cloud utilizes data about your AWS resources to detect account danger and insider threats. This service uses machine learning to calculate the risk level for each cloud resource.

Risk levels are then collected so that you can prioritize the threats and measure their effects across your platform.

5. Trend Micro

Trend Micro Landing Page

Headquarters: Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan

Trend Micro Inc. is considered to be a leader in hybrid cloud security for on-premises and public cloud deployments.

Cloud One is an all-in-one solution that is innovative and will manage your cloud security’s current and future needs. With Trend Micro Cloud One, cloud security is simplified.

It is automated, so it saves a lot of time. This automatization improves operational efficiencies and streamlines compliance.

Hybrid Cloud Security from Trend Micro is flexible, so you choose the cloud, platforms, and tools, and they leverage turn-key integrations and broad APIs.

It also offers Cloud-naïve security, which delivers new functionalities every week and integrates with existing AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and Google Cloud tools.

6. is an ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA & SOC 2 compliant security and log management company that works with companies around the globe to offer complete monitoring and data analysis. Their platform is ready built to handle traces, logs and metrics seamlessly for data analysis and alerting.

Discover more about’s ELK backed log management.


When choosing a cloud security company first, you have to determine your needs and capital that you are prepared to invest in this type of service.

Data and privacy protection are now regulated by law in many countries worldwide, so keep that in mind too.

If you want security for you and your users, make sure you choose one of the companies mentioned above.