The Best Password Managers in 2022

The Best Password Managers in 2022: Top 5 Tools to Keep Your Passwords Safe

The internet is becoming more and more of a personal space for all of us. Everything is being moved online, making a person create and use different accounts for various purposes.

It can be challenging to keep track of so many passwords while keeping them simple, easy to remember, and safe. One should avoid repeating the same or similar passwords across the internet since it puts your privacy, data, and user profiles at risk.

Having said that, remembering hundreds of passwords is a challenging task. Luckily, online security is improving, and we have tools that can help us minimize our password problems.

Password managers are developed to remember our passwords. In turn, they let us create unbreakable solid passwords, and they keep them safe.

There are many password managers on the market. If this piqued your interest, stick around, as we will mention five of the best and the most popular password managers in 2022.

Best Password Managers


LastPass Landing Page

LastPass is a very simple and easy-to-use password manager that can be utilized on many platforms and browsers.

It stores and saves unlimited passwords using encryption and hash technology. It holds other user details for easier access to different websites and services. Online shopping is simplified with this tool since it keeps all purchase details and uses them when you need them.

This tool helps with creating solid passwords which are hard to break. Also, it informs a user if any personal information is in danger. It does this with its dark web monitoring feature.

One vital feature of LastPass is multi-factor authentication, which prevents phishing attempts by asking for another form of authorization. LastPass offers a free package with quite limited but essential features.

Its Premium package offers device syncing, extensive data storage, emergency access, among other features. When it comes to pricing, the basic package is $2.90 per month, but the families package can give you up to 6 licenses and only costs $3.90.


Dashlane Landing Page


Dashlane is one of the most popular password managers with many features. It is effortless to use and makes storing your password and other personal details in one place a breeze.

It keeps user information, payment details, addresses and uses it only when permission is given, such as in online stores. It also includes a VPN service for secure web browsing. It also helps generate strong passwords that are encrypted and secured by two-factor authentication.

Like our previous tool, Dashlane also monitors if your data is in danger by checking the dark web and will alert you if need be.

Dashlane has a limited trial version, with only 50 password storage available and other feature limitations. It has Team and Business packages, which cost $5 and $8 per year, respectively.


NordPass Landing Page

NordPass is another robust tool that is considered an all-inclusive password manager. It has a straightforward user interface, making it easy to use.

NordPass only stores passwords and other details which have been explicitly provided. This info can be used to autofill when browsing.

NordPass also generates solid and complex passwords which are safely stored and protected with encryption. It also scans the internet and informs you if any password has been compromised. It can operate in conjunction with NordVPN.

NordPass can be synced and used across multiple devices, and it does not limit the number of stored passwords. It offers a free plan with basic features.

The premium package costs $1.49 per month, while Family Premium offers 6 user-profiles and costs $4.99 per month.


Keeper Landing Page

Keeper is well-designed software that can work across different platforms and browsers.

Like many other tools, it stores and manages unlimited passwords with one master password required to access the software. All passwords are encrypted and secured.

Keeper also generates a password automatically for users and makes them strong and hard to break. It also requires multi-factor authentication when logging in with your master password.

Keeper offers many pricing packages with different features and prices.


Bitwarden Landing Page

Bitwarden is a user-friendly open-source software used by individuals and business teams alike.

It can work across different platforms and devices. This allows for accessible data syncing. Bitwarden can also store and secure other data for use when needed.

The Bitwarden software creates reports about passwords and identifies if passwords are weak or in danger. It also notifies users if they are visiting unsecured websites.

It has multi-factor authentication and a highly secure login. It offers free and premium plans for teams and enterprises with a lot of options to choose from.


Online security is the most crucial segment of online existence.

These great password managers can help you keep your online environment healthy by saving your passwords safe and away from the danger that weak passwords bring.

Test these tools, select the one that perfectly matches your needs, and ensure that 2022 is a carefree year.