Top 6 BigCommerce Alternatives & Competitors

BigCommerce is a marketplace that assists small and medium-sized businesses in selling more things online. It is a one-of-a-kind marketing and e-commerce platform with good search engine optimization (SEO) and relatively simple tools for developing gorgeous online businesses. BigCommerce provides over 100 built-in marketing tools with mobile platform compatibility, as well as several connectors with third-party platforms.

BigCommerce is designed for expansion and provides excellent performance at a cheap total cost. Those who are looking for a BigCommerce alternative can check out these six platforms.

1. Gigrove

Gigrove is a great BigCommerce alternative. This platform assists you in getting more out of your business. It accomplishes this through the use of sophisticated, ready-made e-commerce solutions. Gigrove allows you to create a branded online storefront for your company. You can start selling anything with their assistance.

This platform offers unrivaled functionality while requiring no complicated setup. It enables you to use tools that will help you expand your Internet business.

There are numerous tools available to assist you in reaching out to new customers. The best part is that you may easily get paid via the checkout. You can connect your gateway or utilize theirs. This platform is ideal for any type of business. If you offer a service, you can allow people to reserve it by renting out your professional time.

You can do it by the week, day, or hour. You may help your clients by creating service pages with custom fields.

2. Shopify

Shopify is a sophisticated platform that allows you to quickly and easily start your online store without the technical problems and burdens of having it built for you by someone else. Shopify enables you to quickly and easily construct a beautiful and fully working online shop without those discouraging issues. Shopify allows you to handle every part of your store.


Shopify has around 60 different themes, some of which are free to download and customize, while the rest are premium and demand a fee. Some of the themes have unique versions, bringing the total number of themes available to roughly 180. Each one offers a nearly visual solution for the entire site with an appealing and current design.

3. Ecwid

Ecwid is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that converts any WordPress website into a fully functional online store. Ecwid is well-known for its ability to integrate with the majority of site builders and CMSs. Ecwid performs all updates automatically, which is not always the case with other plugins. Ecwid is PCI-DSS certified.


Most other plugins do not include this certificate by default and must be obtained from the hosting firm. Ecwid is committed to expanding its sales channels. When you install Ecwid on one site, all data from that shop may be moved and synchronized to another site, allowing sales to be conducted on many sites at the same time.

4. WooCommerce

Another popular BigCommerce alternative is WooCommerce. A typical online store owner does not have to pay to obtain this plugin. Given that neither themes nor plugins are prohibitively expensive, WooCommerce is a cost-effective way to launch your online store. The most significant aspect is that it is always evolving and becoming better as a result of its connection with WordPress and WooCommerce.


Because of its popularity, many developers have decided to create WooCommerce-specific extensions. WooCommerce allows you to sell a variety of products, including digital goods, subscriptions, and appointments. The majority of WordPress themes have created web shop features exclusively for WooCommerce. This implies that integrating it into a WordPress theme is simple.

5. Squarespace

Squarespace is a fantastic solution for building e-commerce websites and online shops. It is simple to use and quite strong. This is a wonderful option if you intend to sell things on your website in addition to building pages. Some connections are pre-built, but if you want to link a tool that doesn’t support it, you’re out of luck. There is also a form creation service that is both powerful and simple.


You’ll need beautiful forms for visitors to fill out if you’re creating a landing page to collect leads. Squarespace is a simple form-building service that allows you to route any queries to an email, Google Drive, or MailChimp list.

6. Jimdo

Jimdo is yet another BigCommerce substitute. It is simple to use, because of the “drag and drop” option. When you hover over a page element, an icon appears that you can easily choose, grab, and move. When you move an element, the elements around it are re-adjusted or altered as needed. When you mouse over any section of the Jimdo Service, you will see an “Add Element” pop-up button. This enables you to create a website considerably faster than with other website creation providers. Jimdo includes all of the essential aspects of a business and the things you’ll sell online. You may sell and charge them rapidly on product pages that are readily linked to landing pages.


Because the eCommerce market is continuously expanding, now may be an excellent moment to launch your online venture. If you want to build an online store but don’t want to utilize BigCommerce, you should look into one of these options. Gigrove stands out from the crowd. It has incredible capabilities that will assist you in creating a successful and professional website.