Best social media apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

It is hard to imagine life nowadays without social media platforms – it is everywhere. Modern and highly sophisticated portable technology such as smartphones, tablets, etc., took us to the point where it is barely possible to detach from it, especially knowing that every once in a while a new social platform shows up.

The vast majority prefer migrating to another one, exploring for a while, but then just like most of us returning to the ones we know the best and feel the most comfortable. This article brings the best iPad and iPhone social media apps so you connect with others in the best way possible.


Today it is quite clear that if there was one app that took and retained the audiences of others is Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform that applied the best features of other known social media networks.


It is very user-friendly and lets people express themselves in a variety of ways and formats, supporting audio, video, gifs, polls, maps, inquiries, etc. To remind you, it started as a photo-sharing platform, while today it offers a variety of snippets, templates, stories, IGTV, etc.


Whether you are a musician, tech nerd, or just enthusiastic about anything, YouTube must have served you already. It is the largest social media video platform om the world. Most importantly, the best content on it is free. Its community grows constantly, with over a billion watch hours daily.

You Tube

As it allows you to share video content and connect with others, you will be able to stream music, and popular world events, or even catch up with your favorite telenovelas or documentary series.


When speaking about the best social media apps for iPhones and iPads, we must not forget the one that got it all started. Facebook undoubtedly played a crucial role in raising awareness among the wider masses about social media networks.


Having in mind that it owns Instagram and one more app, Facebook remained the preferable choice for a huge number of users around the world. The main benefits include easy connection and interaction with not only friends and families but also with businesses and service providers.


Another revolutionary social media app that charmed masses of people with short video content is TikTok. It’s got a whole arsenal of features that will help you make a video that catches the eye easily.

Tik Tok

Whether it is about dance, family moments, lifestyle, or travel, TikTok got plenty of effects, filters, and other features that will make your content unique and extremely attractive. It’s very user-friendly and lets you quickly swipe away the content you don’t like.


One of the apps that quickly gained lots of active users and brought changes to messaging. Everything spins around “snaps” which refer to the visual content of your message. Nifty features and various filters will make the messaging part as fun as possible. Without a doubt, Snapchat is the favorite choice of many selfie fans around the world.