Tina Seelig “Breaking the Pattern”


Tina Seelig “Breaking the Pattern”

Tina Seelig – PhD, a neurologist at the Stanford School of Medicine, lectures on entrepreneurship at Stanford University and conducts many trainings to develop lateral thinking, which is designed to help solve problems quickly and most effectively.

What is this book about

Tina Seelig’s book Breaking the Pattern will literally let you stand out from the crowd and start coming up with and implementing cool ideas. Yes, the idea must not only be invented, but also implemented to match its genius. And not everyone succeeds.

If in this book you hope to find an answer to your specific question, for example, about the possibility of starting your own business in some area, then, alas, there is no such thing. However, you will be able to develop your idea to such an extent that you will understand how right you were and why you have not yet started implementation.

Who is this book for

First of all, I would recommend it to those who have the daily duty of inventing something. I’m talking about creatives, designers, illustrators, constructors and other professions.

Tina Seelig has repeatedly emphasized that it is better to “generate” and critically evaluate ideas in a team of at least 2-3 people (or even better from 5-10). Of course, no one forbids you to come up with, evaluate and implement ideas on your own (many have coped with it before and you can do it), but if you have the physical ability to involve friends and acquaintances in the search for a solution to a certain problem, this is worth doing.

About the structure of the book

The book “Breaking the Pattern” has 11 chapters, each of which contains about 10 different tips and techniques on developing imagination, solving non-standard problems, finding approaches to solving them and generating ideas.

Also, each chapter contains the results of solving problems that Tina gave to groups of participants in her trainings. These stories didn’t strike me as particularly important, but they do a good job of taking a break from the information-packed chapters of the book.

Buy a book

The book “Template Break” is available for purchase on Ozone at a price of 540 rubles.

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