TheNounProject app for Mac OS


TheNounProject app for Mac OS

On March 24, TheNounProject announced the release of its application for Mac OS.

This means that now the largest database of icons and pictograms is available without having to go to the site every time, go through authorization on it and buy / download the necessary icons.

The principle of the application is simple and straightforward: a utility is installed on the computer, which has access to the base of all the same icons that are stored on the site, only they can be used by simply dragging and dropping.

Application in action

Install app

The application from TheNounProject can already be installed by clicking on the link (you must first log in).

Restrictions and rules

Everything was good up to this point 🙂

But you can use the application for free only for the first 14 days. Then you need to subscribe to one of the plans: Noun Pro or Noun Team for $ 9.99 per month.

Another nuance of using icons from the application is that when you drag them into any program, be it Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch, their bitmap counterparts are used in high quality. Those. there is no question of any further editing of icons (if you need to correct something a little).

As there is an icon – so it can be used.

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