The Complete Course in Adobe Illustrator


The Complete Course in Adobe Illustrator

We present you the most complete course on Adobe Illustrator, which will help anyone to master this vector editor: from 116 lessons you will learn about the main and most important tools of the program, learn how to work with vector objects, as well as prepare layouts for printing and further use in Photoshop or InDesign …

In addition to beginners, these lessons can be useful for those who have already mastered the basics of using the program, but who want to understand the intricacies of working, for example, with RGB and CMYK color schemes or the correct work with curves and guides of vector shapes.

The course assumes the use of working materials, the download link for which you will find at the end of the article.


What is Illustrator


Using exercise files

Beginning of work

Understanding vector graphics


Getting to know the interface

Getting to know the panels

Working with Control panel

Creating and maintaining work environments

Work with documents

Creating files for printing

Creating files for the web

Navigation within a document

Using rulers, guides, and grids

Changing the Units of Measure

Using view modes

Self-configuration and use of views

Locking and hiding images

Creating and using artboards

Selecting and transforming objects

Setting selection parameters

Using the Direct Selection and Group Selection tools

Magic Wand Tool

Using the Lasso tool

Selecting objects by parameters

Grouping objects

Using Isolation Mode

Resizing an image

Rotating objects

Distorting and transforming objects

Repetitive transformations

Reflecting and Beveling Objects

Aligning and distributing objects

Working with color


Adjusting color options in Illustrator

Process vs. global colors

Create spot colors

Using color groups

Working with color libraries

Importing colors

Using the Color Guide panel

Working with fill and stroke

Understanding fills and strokes

Working with fill

Working with strokes

Creating strokes and arrows

Create a stroke with different widths

Using Width Tool Profiles

Saving strokes in Outline mode

Creating and editing gradients

Applying a gradient to a stroke

Applying and editing pattern fills

Working with paths

Understanding paths

Understanding anchor points

Open and closed paths

Combining Paths with the Join and Average Commands

Using the Scissors and Knife tools

Creating shapes

Understanding drawing modes

Creating combined paths

Creating combined shapes

Working with the Shape Builder tool

Working with the Blob Brush and Eraser tools

Working with the Paintbrush and Pencil tools

Softening and removing paths

Don’t be afraid of the Pen tool

Mastering the Pen Tool

Drawing straight lines

Drawing simple curves

Understanding the many faces of the Pen tool

Converting angles and curves

Using the Pen tool keyboard shortcuts

Tracing an Image with the Pen Tool

Using text in Illustrator

Setting text functions

Point Text and Area Text

Editing body text

Text concatenation

Using Type Panels

Create text on the path

Convert text in path

Save time with shortcut keys

Using Typekit fonts

View correction

Exploring the Appearance Panel

Explanation of the Layout Order of Properties

Applying multiple fills

Applying multiple strokes

Adjusting the view with Live effects

Saving a View as Graphics Styles

Working with layers

Exploring the Layers Panel

Creating and editing layers

Defining objects in the Layers panel

Work with sublayers

Collapse, lock, and delete layers

Using the Layers Panel Menu

Working with images

Moving photos in Illustrator

Working with the Links panel

Inserting Files into Illustrator

Cropping images with a mask

Exploring the Image Trace Panel

Photo tracing

Trace line art

Convert pixels in path

Creating and using symbols

What are symbols

Using ready-made symbols

Using the Symbol Sprayer Tool

Creating new symbols

Break the link between symbols

Redefine Symbol Team

Drawing in perspective

Defining a Perspective Grid

Drawing in perspective

Adding an image to the grid

Print, save and export

Image printout

Saving an image

Saving files in legacy formats

Saving templates

Create PDF files

Saving an image for the web

Create high-resolution bitmaps

Using Illustrator files in Photoshop and InDesign

Image layout for commercial printing



Download working files

The files that you will need to complete the course are available for download at the link.

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