Professional label design: the secrets to creating it


Professional label design: the secrets to creating it

The first thing we pay attention to when we see a new product or product is its appearance. Then we analyze the price and read the characteristics, but it is the look that plays the dominant role in creating the first impression. The packaging design (shape, size) and label design are important here. It is about her that we will talk today with you.

According to experienced designers from the studio Logofectories the label must have a professional design, developed according to certain rules, then it will play the role of not just an “identification sticker”, but will become a powerful marketing tool in the successful promotion of a product on the market and, as a result, will bring success and prosperity to the company (company, brand, trade mark) …


So, the rules for creating a professional label design are as follows:

1. Originality. The label should have its own flavor, not the same as everyone else’s and better than the competitors.

2. Functionality. The label should reveal the essence of the product in particular and the brand as a whole. If it is, for example, a food product, and not a cosmetic product, then it should be immediately clear from the label.

3. Exclusivity. A properly designed label focuses on the merits of the product and its exclusive qualities, unique properties, unusual characteristics, etc.

4. Aesthetics. The label should be beautiful, attractive and aesthetic – such that it would be pleasant to look at it.

5. Efficiency. The label is the business card of the product through which the communication between the client and the brand takes place. For this communication to be effective, the label must interest a potential buyer, he must have positive emotions and positive associations.

These are the basic rules for creating a high-quality label, and if you do not follow them, then it can turn out to be inconspicuous, and even the best product in its properties risks being left without the attention of the buyer. People will simply choose another product, especially if we consider such a phenomenon as an unplanned purchase. Judge for yourself, if the buyer was not going to buy, say, yogurt, he can do it spontaneously if he sees the original product label. Or the second variant of the situation when a man needs to buy shampoo, but at the same time he does not know much about manufacturers and brands. Which shampoo will he choose? Of course, the one whose label grabs his attention and likes the most.


As you can see, the label can be just a leaflet glued to the front of the packaging, or it can be a powerful marketing tool used for promotional purposes. For this, the label design must be carefully designed by professional designers.

High-quality label design helps:

• Attract the attention of potential target audience.

• Advantageously present the product on the market.

• Advantageously distinguish the product from competitors.

• Encourage buyers to make a purchase.

• Increase awareness and increase the number of regular customers.

• Build trust in the product, and earn respect for the brand.

• Help promote the product and enter new markets.

• Significantly increase sales and, as a result, bring profitability to the company.

High-quality and beautiful label design is a distinctive feature of the product, which helps the customer to choose it from a number of similar ones on the store shelf. Therefore, it is very important that the product does not have a single-type label similar to thousands of others, but a high-quality and original one.

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