Milk packaging M !!! LK


Milk packaging M !!! LK

Milk in containers of a uniform black color is not a frequent occurrence for the decoration of dairy products. Black and white are consistently associated with cow coloration and premium products.

This concept uses only 1 paint – black. White is milk, coloring the transparent bottle and creating contrast. Absolutely all graphic elements: the plate at the top with the name, the text part in the middle, the cow at the bottom of the bottle are transparent, thereby showing the amount of milk remaining in the bottle. The M !!! LK concept is presented in two types of milk fat: a black bottle of 3.2% fat, evening milk. Transparent bottle 2.0% fat, morning milk.


Likewise, the M !!! LK milk packaging is a transformer, working to take up space on the shelf.

3d modeler / designer – Yulia Nafikova
Made for and by USSO Design.

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