Mike Rhodey “Visual Notes in Practice”


Mike Rhodey “Visual Notes in Practice”

Sketching – the art of writing text in the format of visual notes. And one of its most famous adherents is Mike Rhodey, the author of the most famous book about sketching “Visual Notes”, which was published a year earlier and instantly became very popular among not only designers and creative people, but also all people who often have something write down or explain your ideas to a large audience.


Rhodey himself admits that he uses his sketching skill every day: to jot down notes, new ideas and just anything that comes to his mind. And since in his first book “Visual Notes” he devoted most of it exclusively to theory without practical problems, Mike decided to fill this gap and publish the next book – “Visual Notes in Practice”, which will help everyone to master the technique of creating visual notes.

Who is this book for

First of all, I, like the author himself, recommend that you familiarize yourself with the book “Visual Notes in Practice” for those who read the first part of it and did not fully understand the need or technique for using sketching in their work.

Believe me, after reading the second book, where the author talks about all his techniques, which he himself uses in his work, you will also want to master the same level of creating visual notes as the author.


But nothing happens without difficulty: mastering theory is good, but practice is the main thing! Therefore, in order to spark in readers a spark of interest in sketching, Rhodey provided his book with dozens of sketching tasks: from the most primitive, like “draw a stick-stick-cucumber to get a little man” to more advanced ones – “sketch out the process of preparing your favorite dish. “.

Where can you use sketching?

If this question haunted you either after reading the first book, or after studying many examples on the Internet, Rhodey spoke with several of the most prominent visual note writers, who happily talked about how their lives have changed since the beginning of daily use of sketching.

Someone creates visual notes while traveling – and it will be interesting for you and absolutely all your friends to study the notebook covered with events, which you filled out during several weeks of travel.


Someone, on the contrary, prefers to plan a future trip – to see upcoming transfers / flights combined with the necessary things and plans for the day: what could be better for collecting the right things for the trip?

What to read on the topic

Despite the newfangled word “sketching”, in fact, Rhodey did not come up with anything super-new. A similar technique has been used for over 10 years by Dan Roham, the author of a series of books on creating presentations, lectures and speaking not with programs like Powerpoint and Keynote, but with an ordinary pen and sheet of paper.

So if you decide to continue your educational journey and delve deeper into the basics of visual notation, I recommend Roehm’s books: Speak and Show, Practice Visual Thinking, Visual Thinking, and Blah blah blah.

To buy a book

Mike Rhodey’s book “Visual Notes in Practice” is available for purchase in the Ozon online store at a price of 780 rubles. Also go to the website letter, where you can find other interesting books.

Video review of the book “Visual Notes in Practice”

Read “Visual Notes in Practice” online

You can look through the book on the website of the publishing house – MYTH. The first 11 pages of the book are available for viewing.

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