Michael Bird and Kate Evans “Van Gogh’s Starry Night”


Michael Bird and Kate Evans “Van Gogh’s Starry Night”

Art is fraught with a mystery, this is its mysterious power!

The book “The Starry Night of Van Gogh” is a bright and lively guide to the history of world artistic culture, from which, like the starry sky, it is impossible to tear yourself away.

Not just for kids!

We, adults and educated people working in the field of design, fond of drawing and even seen at exhibitions, how much do we know about the history of art? How deep and versatile is our knowledge? What do we know about the art of the Aztecs and African tribes?

We know something, read somewhere, heard from someone. But this book is a real chance to immerse yourself in the history of artistic culture. It promises you hours of fascinating stories about artists and their works. This book can be read alone under a blanket, with the whole family or with friends.

Despite the fact that the book was published by the publishing house MYTH in the Childhood series, both children and adults will like it. And if suddenly the information about the artist you are interested in seems insufficient – you have an immense Internet in front of you, take an interest and study!


The mystery of art

The history of art began about 40 thousand years ago, simultaneously with the emergence of homo sapiens. Man has been creating for tens of thousands of years and cannot solve the riddle of creativity in any way. Do I need to reveal this secret? According to the authors of the book, it is enough to touch it and the magical world of art will open before you.

The book contains many fascinating stories from the world of artistic culture, arranged in chronological order: from the primitive period to the present. The main difference between this book and most treatises on the history of art is its liveliness. Real living people with ordinary human qualities appear before our eyes. Great artists begin to live on the pages of a book: they worry and rejoice, communicate with friends and customers and invent something extraordinary. The creators we meet are completely different people who lived in different parts of the planet, spoke different languages, but equally striving for beauty.


The world is infinitely diverse

The book is not limited to an overview of the pillars of European culture. The reader will visit Africa, Asia, America, and, of course, Europe. The authors’ desire to create a book for children made it very sensible and understandable. The narration is very logical, you will not confuse Jan van Eyck and Pieter Bruegel, the historical background of various cultural phenomena are set out very clearly and do not interfere with progress in the study of the classics.

But wait, not just classics! Amazing, beautiful, but little-known to the general public, artists also lurked on the pages of this book.


How was the book made?

The quality of the publication pleases: hard cover, large format, excellent print quality. The text on the pages is not located in the full width of the page – so it is more convenient for younger readers to perceive it. The colorful design is attractive, and it makes you want to open the book.

Miniatures from the lives of artists illustrate world famous works of art. One object – one story. But besides fascinating stories, the book contains wonderful pages-plans of the most important cultural and historical centers: Ancient Athens, Amsterdam, Paris, etc. And at the end – a map of the world, which is well understood by a child, and a calendar of events – many dates arranged in chronological order (and this is very useful not only for children).

This book is, without a doubt, mesmerizing like a real starry night.


This beautiful edition will be the perfect gift for your friends over the age of 8. The book will appeal to both children and adults. Captivating stories, colorful illustrations will make reading a real pleasure and tell about the world art culture as vividly as if you were talking to famous creators in person.

Buy the book “The Starry Night of Van Gogh”

The book “The Starry Night of Van Gogh” is available for purchase in the online store Ozon.ru at a price of 1290 rubles.

Author: Evgeniya Suvorova

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