Maurice Saatchi “Daring Simplicity of Thought”


Maurice Saatchi “Daring Simplicity of Thought”

Maurice Saatchi Maurice Saatchi – one of the co-founders of the famous advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, which until 1995 was the largest in the world. But the founding brothers Maurice and Charles Saatchi decided to found a new advertising agency M&C Saatchi, which now has offices in almost all countries of the world.

Back in the 70s, Maurice Saatchi compiled a collection book called “Daring simplicity of thought”, which included several dozen examples of human inventions that somehow changed the world.

What is this book about

“Daring Simplicity of Thought” is not a book, thanks to which you can gain new knowledge or learn the rules of creativity, but much better. From this book you can get inspiration and also understand how easy solutions to complex problems should be. It is also very coolly designed, an interesting format has been chosen and it is very interesting to read it.

Who is this book for

Daring Simplicity of Thought was originally created as a collection of creative and simple solutions for Saatchi employees. It was she who determined the creative credo of the company for 40 years. I’m sure all newcomers were first forced to read this book, even if they took non-creative positions.

However, after the book was officially published in 2011, they began to advise it to absolutely all creative individuals, arguing that in it you can glean a lot of interesting ideas for work.

PS: By the way, if you would like to contribute to a new edition of the book, visit There you can submit your ideas that will be published. For all new ideas there is an open vote, according to the results of which the most successful ones will be selected for inclusion in the next edition of the book.

You can buy a printed version of the book at

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