Ludwig Bystronovsky “Design + 1”


Ludwig Bystronovsky “Design + 1”

All parts of the lecture “Design + 1”, which was read by Ludwig Bystronovsky on March 29, 2015 in Minsk.

First part: about the common traits of good designers. About how to become a good designer and how to become cooler, even when you are not happy with what you have done.

About design as a solution to problems and where to look for skill gaps. About the skills necessary for a designer. About working with an idea, art director, technologists. About communication with customers. About testing an idea for viability and how it makes a designer stronger.

Principles “why, was it possible?” and “do it already”. How to start doing well.

The second part of: answers to questions that can be asked by mail (write the city and the lecture in the letter) or on the spot.

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