Julie Bierman “Picasso. Graphic biography “


Julie Bierman “Picasso. Graphic biography “

Comics can be serious too. A very emotional graphic novel from French authors about the titan of fine arts – Pablo Picasso. 18+

Today, comics are not only funny pictures in children’s magazines and publics for teenagers. This is a serious work of authorship, a comic strip can be a good memorable advertisement, and a funny (or not so) sketch from life, and a whole graphic novel.

Even though we are read comics, but the perception is significantly different from reading fiction. The picture novel is very cinematic. Many cinematic tricks are not alien to him, and at the same time, communication with the author goes directly: neither an unsuccessful acting game, nor the low quality of special effects will damage the author’s idea.

Who is this book for?

The novel will appeal to those who are fond of culture and art of the early 20th century. Among the characters, the reader will meet not only artists, but also poets, writers, patrons of art and even circus performers.


The novel has an age limit of 18+. This is not an empty formality, but a clear indication that the book is not suitable for children and adolescents. Impressive and pregnant, most likely, too. The comic is very emotionally colored and is not suitable for a casual acquaintance with the world of art. It was created for adults who want to feel the spirit of the times and deeply feel the era.


Narrative narration is a popular technique in literature. The authors of the comic, Julie Bierman and Clement Ubreri, use it very organically. Little known today, one of the first beloved of the young artist, Fernande Olivier, begins her story on the first pages and leads the reader to that legendary era and to that legendary place – to Montmartre, to the quarter of poor artists.

The novel tells about the very beginning of Picasso’s career in Paris, his formation as an avant-garde artist, the invention of Cubism.


An artist is a living person; he cannot be fed up with inspiration alone. The authors do not lose sight of the smallest details that make up the way of life: the lack of running water and a water pump in the yard, opium and wine, ice rooms in winter and eternal cabbage for lunch.

The reader simultaneously follows the creative successes (and failures) of Picasso and the events in the life of the narrator. Fernanda’s dramatic life touches the reader no less than the artist’s hardships. The events of the novel begin in 1898, when nineteen-year-old Pablo Picasso, along with his friend, arrives at the World’s Fair in Paris. And now the whole world is in front of them. They admire his achievements and breakthroughs. Young people have a thorny path and a difficult fate ahead, but while they are enjoying life, cherishing their hopes and enjoying the present.



For a full-fledged perception, you need to have a certain cultural background and know the key people of the era, not only of the world of painting, but also of literature. If you do not have such knowledge yet, but you are a conscientious reader, take a walk on Wikipedia, taking the links at the bottom of the pages as a basis for your search queries.


This is an interesting publication for anyone interested in art history, especially avant-garde art. The novel is not an article in an encyclopedia, but a story full of experiences and emotions, full of real life with its black and white sides. Julie Bierman and Clement Ubreri tried to create a historically accurate novel, but still you look at the era through the prism of the author’s perception. And remember: 18+

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Author: Evgeniya Suvorova

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