John Clifford “Graphic Design Icons”


John Clifford “Graphic Design Icons”

Who stood at the origins of Suprematism, who published a typography guide in 1928, which remains relevant today, when, why and why the term “corporate style” appeared – interesting historical facts, isn’t it? (see the answers at the end of the article).

For a designer, it is not so much important to know the facts themselves, but the personalities behind these facts and how they influenced the development of design in the world and in individual countries.

Book “Graphic Design Icons” will be able to give you a small, but still understanding of the main eras in the development of the design craft, starting from the 20th century.

In total, the book touches on 6 eras, which, according to the author, are the most interesting to study, as well as more than 30 designers who worked in different years, whose works reflect the spirit and mood of the then society.


Who is this book for

Just as important is the history of the state in which everyone lives, so is the history of the craft in which they are engaged. Therefore, without a doubt, the book “Icons of Graphic Design” will be useful to all designers who want to know a little about the bright personalities of graphic design.

In addition to a good description of the life and work of the authors, the book also contains a large number of their works, which are important to know and recognize.

Why read a book

You should read “Icons of Graphic Design” if you are interested in studying the historical side of the development of design, and not just studying modern trends and tendencies of its development.

I do not argue that it is good to know all modern techniques, graphic editors, as well as to predict in advance the vector of development of certain directions of design. But it’s also great to know the history of design.

By the way, I do not exclude that in the book itself you will find many interesting ideas and techniques for the next project. It is not without reason that they say: “Everything new is well forgotten old.”

Where to buy the book

The book “Icons of Graphic Design” can be bought at Ozone in printed or electronic versions at a price of 1,168 rubles or 299 rubles, respectively. And also in many retail stores in your city.

Answers to questions at the beginning of the article

AT: Who stood at the origins of Suprematism
ABOUT: Kazemir Malevich

AT: Who published the 1928 Typography Handbook
ABOUT: Jan Tschichold

AT: When, why and why the term “corporate style” appeared
ABOUT: In the 50s of the 20th century in the United States due to the rapid growth of the American economy: growing demand and purchasing power.

Author: Pavel Ryabov

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