Instructions: How to quickly select an icon


Instructions: How to quickly select an icon

Here you need to choose an icon that reflects the meaning of “we will deliver in 24 hours”. You can get worn out and draw yourself, you can find it on the stock resource. Both ways are good, but don’t miss the point. an icon is a visual metaphor… It’s cool when it’s understandable.

When I want to like a post, I click on the heart:


When I need to find a specific one, I look for a magnifying glass:


If I misspelled, I’m looking for a pencil to fix:


Our task is to choose a metaphor so that an outsider understands at a glance what it means.

Here’s how to do it with the example of a furniture factory that delivers sofas, beds, tables and chairs in 24 hours.

  • Writing out associations

Truck, dial, 24 hours, stopwatch, package, car

  • We visualize them


  • We select the exact


  • We combine


4 stock resources with ready-made icons:

  1. icon8
  2. flaticon
  3. nounproject
  4. iconfinder

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