Ingenious design


Ingenious design

Program “Ingenious design” talks about the history of design and the inventions that have changed modern life, such as the metal can opener and the built-in kitchen.

Industrialization and the birth of design

Design has become one of the unpredictable consequences of the industrial revolution, along with global warming and rising living standards.

This episode follows the first generation of designers to grab the levers of an industrial machine that was launched with the goal of satisfying a basic capitalist need to produce more for less.

Modernism in design

In the crisis years 1920 – 1930, in the interval between the two world wars, radically opposite ideas were proposed regarding the future of design, from the radical futurism of the Bauhaz style to the British passion – the pseudo-Tudor style.

In Europe, the “modern movement” celebrated the virtues of machines and their products. At this time, such novelties appeared as the built-in kitchen, metal furniture made of bent tubes, which soon became typical in the design world.

Design and World War II

This is not taught in art schools – when countries go to war, designers go to the forefront, using their skills to develop better, more effective methods of assassination. This episode tells about the military vehicles of the Second World War, which were built in Germany, Great Britain, the USSR and the USA.

Plastic design

Modern design

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