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How to start your blog in 2022

Running a website, particularly a blog type is the symbol of freedom of expression in the times we live in. Whether it is just for fun or your website is your way of making a side revenue, an independently ran blog is your unique way of conveying messages and content to your audience that no social media ever could. Starting a blog does require an organized and sort of strategic approach to some aspects of it, but today there are so many choices you can make. WordPress is one of the greatest platforms there is and it seems like a favorite choice of many bloggers in 2022 for a reason. It pretty much became a default choice of bloggers and content creators. Numerous and diverse themes, customization, useful and life-changing plugins, easy monetization

WordPress Blog

WordPress is friendly to beginners, and very efficient in achieving blogger goals and this article will tell you more about how to start a blog in 2022. As a matter of fact, with WordPress, it takes minutes only to get a website online and going. More than just a couple of hundreds of free themes and plugins available will certainly back you up in the beginning. Whether you are an artist, philosopher, researcher, doctor, or politician – there is a great theme for you.

WordPress Dashboard

The dashboard is easy to work with, which amazes novices and less skilled bloggers. Implementation of a good SEO configuration which is another key aspect for publishers is easy to handle. Now when you’re set to start, we will share some secrets so your beginning phase of blogging doesn’t stress or frustrate you. Here are some plugins that will enhance the performance of your site at an early stage.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

That is because WordPress offers you tremendous support in terms of smart and efficient solutions that will take good care of your site’s visibility. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a premium plugin that will let you create and run an attractive landing or under-construction page. Especially if you planning on improving the site, you don’t want to ruin the SEO and risk losing visitors.

Simple Author Box is a blogger’s lifesaver. Especially if you have guest authors and you want to give them credits, this plugin will enable you to create and fully customize author boxes with outlines that promote authors’ web or social media. Including social media and linking to author profiles generates traffic, and for the blog that is the best way of sharing content.

Simple Author Box

Security is a huge aspect of web design, so constant checks for bad links and SSL issues were a wish until WP Force SSL appeared. This one is interested in securing your site and monitoring over 50 potential threats and errors.

WP Force SSL

WP Sticky is for those who want little extra sticky features on the web. Use this plugin to make a sticky element stand out on your page, whether it is a menu, a widget, or a sidebar. Sticky elements became a part of modern web design and you should not miss them on purpose.

WP Sticky