Coming Soon Page

How to build a stunning coming soon page 2022​

There are a lot of moving parts that have to be in place before a product can be introduced to the market. In these situations, a coming soon page might serve as a useful placeholder for your soon-to-open business or upcoming offering. Pre-launch sites, if used appropriately, can help you generate buzz, collect valuable user feedback, and launch a marketing campaign in advance of your official release date.

Just what is a “coming soon” page, and do you need one?

A coming soon page is a great way to gather customer interest information (and possibly email addresses) before releasing a service or product (sometimes called a pre-launch page). A coming soon page has an advantage over the regular fare of many websites, such as the frequently asked questions, contact, and about us pages. This is just a temporary solution.

Coming Soon Page

To put it another way, since a “coming soon” website is just a temporary landing page, you can begin advertising immediately. A coming soon page can “go to market” in a couple of hours because it is just one page and not an entire website. Incorporating pertinent keywords into your content may also aid your SEO efforts. Join your email list of launch participants.

If you don’t have a product ready to sell, you should focus on growing your social media following and email list to connect with before you launch. The sooner you can provide input, the better. The best way to find out if others are interested in your concept is to share it with them so that their feedback may inform the rest of the development process.

The Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin has these features and more

Coming Soon Page

Themes and Structures of the Design

Images that are both eye-catching and spectacular are the most important aspect of any coming soon page. The Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin comes with over a million high-resolution images and 170 gorgeous, easily customizable themes. If you utilize a search engine to look for something, you’ll get a list of visually appealing results that can be applied to a broad variety of situations and businesses.

Themes and Structures of the Design

After deciding on a theme, you can easily make adjustments to the structure using the drag-and-drop builder. Icons for popular social media platforms, animations, maps, a countdown timer, and embedded videos are just some of the fresh layout additions that are possible. No matter what size, color, or other criteria you have in mind, we can make it to your exact specifications.

Accessibility for clients

Depending on your company’s needs, you can choose to enable only logged-in users access to the site, or you can make the access link available to the general public. Because it permanently changes the location of the website, the 301 redirect in WordPress is a useful feature. If someone uses an outdated link to reach your site, they will be redirected to the address you specify. This function will prevent an error message from being displayed by sending visitors to the new domain name instead.


When you optimize the features of your core website from the very beginning, you ensure that it will continue to be fully functional and accessible even as work on it continues. It is possible to increase the visibility of your coming soon page in search engines by making smart use of keywords and encouraging engagement from users.


The Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin, when active, provides a full-fledged SEO analysis studio that homes in on areas that need development, identifies places that have room for growth, and provides a range of helpful SEO tips. A CEO interface is uncomplicated and simple to use. It displays information such as the website’s optimization score, a preview of the website as it appears in the search engine results, statistics, and a preview of the website as it appears on social media, among other things.

Extra Instructions

Making and keeping up a website requires more than just a little bit of work. When a page needs to be taken down for maintenance, WP 301 Redirects can send visitors to a replacement page. You can immediately redirect users to a different page, among other handy options.

WP 301 Redirects

The Simple Author Box can also be a terrific tool for expanding your audience. One of the best ways to boost site traffic is to work with guest writers. However, credit must be given to the authors. The plugin simplifies things considerably.

Simple Author Box