6 Free Reddit Tools That Help You to Explore Reddit

6 Free Reddit Tools that help you to explore Reddit: Become a Seasoned Redditor in No Time

Nowadays, social networks and websites have become an integral part of our lives. We often hear people say that they have a digital life. The competition today is enormous as there are many websites set up for social networking.

We use them for communication, sharing different content and information. Having said that, there is a chance that you have not heard of the “front page of the internet” – Reddit.

You know that latest viral video, meme, or viral story you just saw? It was probably first found and shared on Reddit. Then it was later shared by thousands of Redditors and spread on the web.

To make your introduction to Reddit as painless as possible, we will introduce you to 6 free tools.

Subreddit? Upvote? Karma? Points? After this article, questions such as these will become a thing of the past for you. We have no doubt that Reddit will win you over. So are you ready to explore Reddit with these amazing tools?

1. FindAReddit

FindAReddit Landing Page

FindAReddit was designed by Jain. Jain had a clear goal. He wanted people to find things that interested them easily and, at the same time, let them share these things with other people.

Using this tool, you can easily find any topic that interests you. But you can also embark on an adventure of searching for something you don’t even know you are interested in.

FindAReddit is a free tool that makes it easier for us to use Reddit. When you visit this tool’s homepage, you will see categories. FindAReddit offers a list of menus where you can find topics.

This makes it easier to find subreddits. You can bookmark them, and it is easier for you to revisit them regularly. You will also receive a list of subreddits templates that may be of interest to you. It is easier than ever to find your niche.

2. RedditMetis

RedditMetis Landing Page

RedditMetis allows you to analyze your Reddit profile statistics. And all for free. Cool, isn’t it? When visiting the RedditMetis homepage, you will be prompted to enter your username.

The working principle is not complicated. A list of the last 1000 comments and submissions owned by RedditMetis shows the statistics of your profile. Statistics are displayed based on the best or worst comments or how often the user comments.

You can also view the calculated text readability rating. As well as check the Gunning fog index – this is the counted score based on the content posted by the user.

What you need to know is that all this data is public, meaning you can check out other users’ statics too.

3. Map of Reddit

Map of Reddit Tool

Map of Reddit is a powerful tool. Subreddit collections are sorted into groups of different colors. When you access the homepage, you will see a visualization of these groups.

Once you have decided which group you are interested in, zoom in so you can explore it further. Of course, the subreddits connection has a significant role because it makes it easier to present it to the target audience.

The closer the two subreddit topics are, the more correlated they are. So they will probably have the same or a similar audience. They also have a search bar that will let you find specific subreddits.

4. Reddit-saved

Reddit Saved Landing Page

When using social networks, we like to save content. However, sometimes we run into problems. It can be hard to access saved content, or we can not find it. Reddit-saved is there to rescue you from these problems.

Reddit-saved is a tool that instantly creates a list of saved content that you can easily access whenever you want. The list where you saved posts can store about 1000 posts.

Reddit-saved also offers the option to download videos with sound as well as gifs. What stands out as the most important feature is – saving time.

It is no secret that we all love getting our hands on some extra time, and with Reddit-saved, you can forget about annoying searches and endless page scrolling. Everything is waiting for you in one place.

5. UnReadit

Unreadit Landing Page

UnReadIt is a relatively new tool. But that has nothing to do with its development and its functionality. We can say that UnReadIt is unique. In the world of Redditors, this is a whole new approach.

The main goal is to save the user time by providing curated content. Using the UnReadIt algorithm immediately directs you to the content you are interested in.

They also create a newsletter that they think is right for you. However, you can subscribe to any newsletter you want. There are no boundaries.

6. Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite Landing Page

Maybe you are tired of the daily negativity on the internet, or you just want to watch what you are exclusively interested in. Then Reddit Enhancement Suite is the right solution for you.

This Reddit Enhancement Suite can do wonders. It is a browser extension, and it is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Reddit Enhancement Suite allows you to change Reddits themes and to create shortcuts.

Also, as we mentioned at the beginning, you can filter posts. If you use Reddit every day, it is time to install this extension. They are constantly adding new options to make your time browsing Reddit as enjoyable as possible.


We have listed a couple of our favorite tools, and we hope you fall in love with Reddit as we did. Do not let Reddit intimidate you, and find the SubReddits that interest you.

Allow yourself to enjoy the content you like. Instead of wasting time looking for a drop in the ocean, make it easy for yourself and take advantage of some of these awesome tools.