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Vibrant blogger Lightroom Presets for LIGHTROOM MOBILE and DESKTOP. These presets centers around radiant reds/oranges, turquoise dazzling blues and a wonderful tan skin. The greens have been restrained to the cool, clouded side. Ideal for occasion photographs, sea shore bloggers, or even city pics!

These presets will make your instagram feed look predictable and keep every one of your pictures in a single style!

WHAT DO YOU GET? A Super cool VIBRANT tones Lightroom Preset set containing 8 wonderful presets (8 DNG documents for portable; 8 XMP and 8 LRtemplate records for work area):

Energetic norm

Energetic tones

Energetic reds

Energetic cool

Dynamic delicate

Dynamic brilliant

Dynamic matte/grain

Dynamic extra splendid


Whenever installment is created you can download the presets quickly. Reach me with any inquiries in regards to your request or utilizing your presets I will be eager to assist!

These must be utilized in Adobe Lightroom. – This bundle of presets is viable with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, Lightroom CC and your Lightroom CC portable application Compatible with Adobe Raw, Tiff and JPEG.

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