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This popular collection of Photoshop movie actions and ACR presets is for editing love stories, wedding and life photos, adventures and escapes. It’s also great for the sights and spirit of the city. This collection is very original, fearless and creative. The film’s warm subtle hues and adjustable particles make it a great addition for digital photographers and movie buffs. We’ve put together a large collection of filters that will be a great addition to the adventurous photographer’s lifestyle and workflow. Now you have more time to take great photos. Lighting conditions and camera settings are constantly changing. Therefore, you will need to adjust the temperature, lighting, and hue to get great results. All this is included in the kit. 20 Lifestyle Photoshop actions compatible with all versions of Creative Cloud (backward compatible) 20 Adobe Camera Lifestyle Raw presets compatible with Photoshop CS6, Photoshop CC and later (available as JPEG and Raw files) Bonus: BeArt- Preset Toolkit (15 post-processing tasks in Photoshop and Camera RAW): Fully automatic one-click operations and Photoshop ACR presets (no user input required). Fully customizable Photoshop actions. Includes detailed setup instructions for Mac and PC compatible with JPG and RAW images, as well as fully ACR compatible presets. Instant download. The steps are easy to use and customize and include free product updates for life.

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