Creative resumes


Creative resumes

Having a resume when looking for a job is one of the most important aspects.

99% of CVs are in a standard format: a photograph and a couple of pages of text about yourself.

However, some job seekers are more creative when looking for a new job (especially when it is in great need).

Creative resumes are a way to attract the attention of a potential employer, but we must not forget that there must be real experience and skills behind a beautiful design.

However, if you want to stand out, then you can approach this issue outside the box and creatively.

Graphic Designer Resume


Infographic designer

Knows how to decorate graphs and diagrams beautifully and simply.


Resume of 3D Motion Video Designer
Such people not only know how to create cool 3D, but also work with video editing.


When Kendra Vig found out about a job at a Lego game company, she realized that a simple resume wouldn’t work. She assembled the company’s mascot – a fish – from Lego and put the letter in her mouth.


Brian Moose really wanted to get into Pixar studio, so he put his heart and soul into creating a resume.


Craig Bot depicted the resume as a graphical game diagram. This helped him get into an interview at Apple. Craig did not get a job at Apple, but he is still happy with the result.


The Irish college graduate spent about $ 3,000 on street billboards, from which he encouraged employers to hire him. The bookmaker Paddy Power heeded the request and entrusted him with the post of head of public relations.


Ed Hamilton Displayed His Copywriting Experience On An Online Map


Resume of an animator


Graphic Designer

Musician and composer Scott McFadden combined all his hobbies into one, posting information about himself on his guitar.


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