Course “Graphic Design and Visual Communication”


Course “Graphic Design and Visual Communication”

The course “Graphic Design and Visual Communication”, which is held at the British Higher School of Art and Design, examines various techniques and tools for visual communication. Participants will gain an understanding of symbols, style and composition, get acquainted with various techniques and formats, and gain a fresh perspective on their professional tasks.


Particular attention in the program is paid to a clear understanding and formulation of the tasks facing the designer. Education gives everyone the opportunity to see the almost limitless perspectives that open up with the right approach to work.

The class schedule is designed in such a way that the participants of the program have practically no time for something other than study, and they find themselves completely immersed in the creative environment.


small_6b42352446 Leonid Slavin, art director of the Tabu design studio, member of the Art Directors Club Russia and the Portfelio club.

Dates of the

July 14 – 22, 2014 (one day off in the middle of the course). Duration of classes from 11.00 to 20.00 (with two breaks per day).

Conditions of admission

There are no entrance tests for admission to the Summer Intensive courses. A training contract can be signed as long as there are free places in the groups.

The cost

The cost of participation in the course is 50,000 rubles. Duration – 63 hours. Sign up for a course.

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