Eight Best Private Browsers for iOS

Eight Best Private Browsers for iOS

Similar to how browsers can track your online activity to push targeted ads, other companies can track your online activity. 

You can try using proxies and VPNs to avoid web trackers, but those are not the most reliable safety options out there.  

If you want to remain completely anonymous and hide your online activity, use a safe, private web browser. 

This article was designed for iOS users specifically, so if you use iOS and want to improve safety, here is a list of the best private browsers for the iPhone.  

Red Onion 

This iOS web browser is powered by Tor. It is mainly used for anonymous browsing and uses proxies that can help people bypass public, corporate, and school wifi internet filters.  

Red Onion also detects and blocks ads and most web trackers automatically.  

Aloha Browser 

Aloha Browser is a free and fast web browser packed with features. It provides maximum security and privacy. This browser comes with a free VPN, VR player, media player, ad-blocker, QR code reader, private tabs, and more. It does not log any of your browsing activity.  

Private Browsing Browser  

The Private Browsing Web Browser automatically deletes cookies, history, cache, and anything trackable as soon as you close an app.   

It also increases your download speed and improves the browsing experience.   

Snowbunny Private Web Browser  

What makes The Snowbunny Private Web Browser stand out is the full-screen-mode feature. This feature provides a 35% more viewable area and has a private mode you can enable on the settings panel. 

It does not save cookies, login details, or history in private browsing mode.  

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser 

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser comes with all the 1st class features essential for your privacy. It can clear all browsing data and tabs with just one tap and automatically blocks all hidden third-party trackers.

Private Browser Deluxe 

The Private Browser Deluxe 

Private Browser Deluxe supports bookmarks, tabs, anonymous browsing, private browsing, and more.  

It features a great download manager that lets you resume and pause any ongoing downloads. 

Brave Private Browser  

Brave Private Browser will ensure you have a safe and fast private web experience. It features a built-in private VPN, pop-up blocker, ad blocker, and more. It also enables HTTPS everywhere for maximum security.  

Firefox Focus 

Firefox Focus is an open-source, free private web browser developed by Mozilla. You can use it as both a content blocker and a private web browser. 

It can block social media trackers, analytics, ads, embedded videos, photo slideshows, and news articles.  

It can also block web fonts which makes webpages load faster.  

It features a one-tap button that can erase cookies and your browser history.  

Final Words 

Security, safety, and anonymity should be your number one priority when browsing the internet. If you want to avoid being targeted by unnecessary ads or even by hackers, start using a private browser.  

To have a smooth and stress-free online experience and to keep your data safe, start using one of these iOS private browsers.