Best Blockchain plugins for WordPress

Ever since the rise of Bitcoin back in the day, the interest in crypto has skyrocketed, and that brought greater public interest in blockchain technologies.

Bitcoin’s spectacular surge in value — presently above $15,000 — was the event that kickstarted the trend. Ever since then more and more companies and individuals have started to develop a keen interest in these new advancements and started using them to their benefit.


Many shops now allow users to pay in Bitcoin, and some shopping malls even have crypto ATM machines. So, how can you use this new trend on your blog? Can any value be added to a WordPress site by adding blockchain or crypto capabilities? Sure they can.

There are many plugins available for WordPress that add one thing or another and can serve to further propel your site into the future. Some of the more popular ones add real-time rate charts, calculate transaction totals, or install a cryptocurrency calculator. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

1. Cryptocurrency Product for WooCommerce

Cryptocurrency Product for WooCommerce

Have you ever considered selling cryptocurrencies and tokens as items in your WooCommerce store? If so, then you’re probably thinking of running a mini-exchange. The top plugin for the job is WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Product. The core version is completely free and will make your dream a reality.

Its main purpose is to allow the user to sell cryptocurrency as an item in a WooCommerce store. Using it, anyone can start selling Ether for any other currency that WooCommerce allows right away.

In the addition setting, you can also set the minimum amount of Ether you wish to sell per purchase to avoid small transactions that don’t bring much profit to you as a middle man.

The plugin’s Pro edition, which starts at $9.99 per month, also allows you to sell ERC20 tokens. In addition, the WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Product Pro version can also be used to sell Bitcoin and, more intriguingly, ERC721 tokens (also known as NFTs).

2. Premium Cryptocurrency Charts

Premium Cryptocurrency Charts

Premium Cryptocurrency Charts is ideal for showing Bitcoin charts on your WordPress site. Furthermore, because this plugin has over 2000 coins, it is unlikely that you will be unable to showcase the value of any currency available on the market.

Its main features include historical performance comparison, customization, translation, infinite charts, and trade volume display.

It also contains lines, columns, steps, smoothed lines, and candlestick charts, among others. If you want charts on your website, Premium Cryptocurrency Charts is our top suggestion. And to top it all off, it’s one of the cheaper ones anyways. A regular license will only cost you 25$.

3. Digital Paybox

Digital Paybox

Do you want to sell digital goods and have them be available to costumer the moment the payment is made? Then we have the plugin for you. The Digital Paybox plugin is just what you need. By installing Digital Paybox on your site, customers will be able to pay for digital assets in Bitcoin using Bitpay.

But, if you’re not too fond of Bitpay, fear not. PayPal, Authorize.Net, Interkassa, EgoPay, and many more payment processors are also available. In addition to a handful of popular payment gateways, customers can also pay using credit or debit cards and will receive an encrypted download link when the payment comes through.

4. WordProof Timestamp

WordProof Timestamp

The best blockchain plugins are those that require the end-user to have zero blockchain knowledge, and that’s why WordProof Timestamp is our next suggestion. Simply install the plugin and allow it to automatically timestamp your content.

Because stamps are stored on the blockchain, they provide copyright protection, evidence of existence, and the ability to boost transparency and reader confidence.

You are more than free to use the plugin for free if you only need up to 10 timestamps every month on a single website. Paid options start at roughly €8 per month and include features such as automated timestamping, a copyright infringement tool, an increase in timestamps, and the number of websites.

5. CryptoWoo


CryptoWoo is a WooCommerce-compatible digital payment plugin. If you install this plugin, your website visitors will be able to effortlessly make payments in Bitcoin, litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Additional features include the ability to convert current product pricing and cart values into digital money using real-time exchange rates.

This plugin is also compatible with a variety of websites, so there’s no need to worry about usability. The plugin can be used in more than 100 languages and allows you to deal in over 30 cryptocurrencies.

In addition to all of this, you can also use CryptoWoo to build a Bitcoin calculator with customizable default currencies and other options.

6. Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets

Premium Cryptocurrency Widgets

The Crypto Price Widgets plugin allows its users to add widgets to their websites. More than 1500 widgets, to be precise. The plugin is well-maintained, and all of the cryptocurrencies are updated in real-time, so there’s no need to reload the page or worry about faulty information.

This is just one of many reasons so many people swear by this plugin. Amongst other widgets included within Crypto Price Widget, you’ll find a leaderboard, comparison, scrolling ticker, and s spark chart widget. This plugin also comes with a variety of color schemes and unique logos.