9 tutorials on prepress layouts in Photoshop


9 tutorials on prepress layouts in Photoshop

When preparing materials for printing, you should familiarize yourself and understand the requirements for layouts presented by the printing house. The collection not only describes the requirements for files, for various equipment and processes, but also explains “why this is, and not otherwise.”

The lessons cover the technical requirements of printing houses of various sizes and specializations, which are useful for both novice designers and experienced ones who do not fully understand the tricks of printing.

Brief navigation through the material:

– Technical requirements of the printing house in simple and understandable language 1-4
– Printing and prepress materials

Outdoor advertising or craft base

How to make a poster in Photoshop

Correction by numbers or how to understand colors (Photoshop)

Printing and prepress 1.0 – printing basics

Printing and prepress 2.0 – advanced

Printing and prepress or outdoor advertising in CMYK

Online course Adobe Photoshop. Image prepress

Photo prepress in Photoshop

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