9 free e-books for designers

Not everyone is ready and able to pay for quality content. But finding a suitable source of information in the public domain can be very difficult.

We’ve put together nine free English-language e-books for designers that will be of interest to both beginners and professionals.

Everything There is to Know About Logo Design

This 25-page logo design guide is perfect for beginners. In addition to general issues, the book also covers issues related to color theory and typography.

Design’s iron fist

In his articles, designer Jarrod Drysdale tries to teach colleagues how to get the most out of their professional work. Design’s Iron Fist is essentially a sequel to Drysdale’s previous work, Bootstrapping Design, and includes themes such as Roll Out, Think Like a Designer, and more.

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook

Four years have passed since the first publication of this book by the British design studio Ustwo. By now, the piece has undergone quite a few changes: what started as a 108-page manual has grown into a veritable bible for designers.

By the way, this book has already been translated into Russian and is available for download.

The Vignelli Canon

Without exaggeration, design icon Massimo Vigneli, who died in 2014 after a long illness, was not just a champion of good visualization – he did his best to ensure that the fundamental principles of design were available to everyone. The Vignelli Canon book is replete with practical examples in which the master demonstrates what is good and what is bad.

Type Classification eBook

This e-book contains 27 pages of excellent font classifications. Perhaps she won’t make a typographic specialist from a reader, but it is quite enough to get acquainted with the basics. Written by graphic designer Jacob Kass.

Creative Suite Printing Guide

This free book from Adobe aims to make the prepress process in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Acrobat clear for everyone. How to create a file for printing and not miss the color rendition – you will learn about this and much more on one of the 149 pages.

Typo tips

Another hello to those interested in typography – this time from FontShop founder Eric Spiekermann. The book lays out seven basic principles of working with fonts, including the dash specification and arguments against writing in SPOT ONLY.

The design funnel

A manifesto reflecting the views of Generate Conference speaker Stephen Hay on the methodology for handling client requests, especially controversial ones. Presented in * .pdf, consists of only 12 pages.

Graphic Design for Non-profit Organizations

As the title suggests, the book is primarily aimed at non-profit design associations. However, thanks to the impressive content, it will be useful to everyone else.

Author: Denis Strigun

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