7 trending trends in landing page design


7 trending trends in landing page design

The effectiveness of a landing page does not depend only on the text and the correct placement of the CTA buttons. The basis of everything is design. The visual design is responsible for the first impression, allows you to convey the marketing proposal in a captivating way and lead you to the target action.

The approach to website design is constantly changing. We have collected the latest trends in the design of landing pages. Look, study, take note!

Custom scrolling

Remember the landing pages that had to be flipped up to 15 … N-screen? A sort of newspaper columns of infinite length. Forget them. Now the trend is an unpredictable scenario controlled by a non-standard scroll. Don’t let the user get bored.


Principles of good design

Microanimation and microinteractions

These two solutions allow you to create a special atmosphere, immerse you in the story, make you want to interact and encourage the user to take the targeted action. Isn’t this the most important thing?

Satellite Express


Custom mesh

Instead of coming up with blocks and thinking in separate screens, designers create a visual system that all elements obey. However, a few bold decisions within the framework of a single concept – and the content does not look monotonous, acquiring individuality.

Joey Bada $$ Political MC

Emphasis on typography

Special attention to text is a trend in web design in recent years. Headings and paragraphs in large size came to the fore and filled all the screens. They do not distract from the main thing, convey meanings and are remembered. Use them skillfully and appropriately.


Edgard kozlowski

Effects with code

Technology is evolving without stopping. The power of computers and the capabilities of browsers are almost endless. New realities – scope for professional experiments for layout designers and programmers. With the help of code in the design of landing pages, effects are created that are truly breathtaking.


The history of connection

3D modeling

Why describe what can be shown? Objects are in the details, the process is in action. 3D models are created for goods and products of all shapes and sizes – they allow the user to view products from all angles and make a purchase decision.



There are a lot of websites with a neat design. Now it seems that they are all too monotonous and similar to each other. Brutalism appeared to counterbalance the accuracy. Bold in his choice of fonts, composition and color, he will spark a massive design boom in 2019.

One & All Conference Montreal

Of course, we haven’t covered all the trends in landing page design. We have highlighted the 7 most striking solutions and will continue to replenish our collection of landing pages. Remember, don’t underestimate the visuals. Design defines how the consumer will perceive your brand. Use every opportunity to engage your visitors and convince them to become your customers.

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