7 helpful tips for developing creative thinking


7 helpful tips for developing creative thinking

Do you want the internet to pay attention to what you are doing? Then try to be creative! It doesn’t matter what exactly it is about, absolutely everything can be original and unusual – a website, a blog post, or a note on social networks.

True, sometimes an attempt to do something extraordinary turns out to be a real failure. My head is empty, no matter how hard you try: not a single worthwhile thought, not the slightest clue, literally nothing. Complete zero. Donut hole.

To be honest, this happens with us too. That is why we decided to find out if it is possible to “wake up” the brains and make them work? It turns out you can! At least we have found seven ways.

1. Tired? Do it!

Analytical work is difficult when tired, but it is ideal for creative tasks. When our brain is overworked, it is difficult for it to filter information and concentrate on any one task. Scraps of thoughts jump around in your head and push you into unexpected solutions. You find answers to questions and understand what to do next.

Hence the conclusion: in the first half of the working day, you need to do what requires a high concentration of attention, and it is better to postpone creative tasks for the evening – then it will be much easier to cope with them.


2. Go in for sports

Yes, we perfectly understand that no one wants to do exercises in the morning. Nevertheless, physical activity and the ability to be creative are very closely related. In 2005, psychologists conducted an experiment to identify creative potential. The participants in the experiment were divided into two groups and given tests. The only difference was that the first group performed tests after charging, while the second did not. Guess which results were better?

3. Sit in a noisy place

Libraries have spoiled us all. We are used to thinking that we can only work in absolute silence. On the one hand, this is true: silence helps to concentrate. On the other hand, there are studies that prove that light background noise is not a nuisance. When you sit on the veranda of a cafe or other public place, noise stimulates abstract thinking, vital for solving creative problems, and enhances your creativity.


4. Turn off the bright light

It turns out that in the dark we are all much more creative people than in the light. Of course, this is not about working in the dark, but only about slightly dimming the light. In the twilight, you feel relaxed, do not “get stuck” on obvious things, better understand the essence of the problem and find an unexpected, sometimes bold solution. It may sound like science fiction, but there is serious research that you can trust.

5. Make a little mess

As you already understood, everything that helps to “heat up” the brain is suitable for our tasks. This also includes an easy – working – disorder. In a relaxed atmosphere, creating is much easier than in a perfectly tidy room, where everything is laid out on the shelves. No wonder the writer Eugene Savitskaya once said: “A cute mess is better than a lifeless order.” The main thing is not to get carried away, otherwise you will not even find your own keyboard in the end.


6. Come up with restrictions

This advice may not seem like the most logical, but restrictions are good for creativity. We used to think that the more freedom, the bolder our ideas, but this is not always the case. When certain factors restrain us, the brain activates, trying to solve the problem in the best way, stops being lazy, searches and finds a way out. Try to deliberately limit yourself: set clear deadlines, focus on a single goal, pick a specific topic, or cut your budget. Creativity will increase significantly, you’ll see.


7. Work right after waking up

Have you noticed that the brightest ideas come to mind in the morning? It’s not just that people of creative professions appreciate the morning hours and consider them the most important for creativity. In one interview, the writer Nicholson Baker admitted: “In the morning I am sleepy, but my head is fresh and clear. It seems to me that at this time I even write in a different way. ” By the way, he wakes up twice. First at 4 in the morning to work 90 minutes and go to bed, and then at 9 in order to experience this feeling a second time.

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