7 free services for budding designers


7 free services for budding designers

Color matching, a collection of two million icons, and a font recognition tool.

Find matching fonts – Fontjoy


Fontjoy generates sets of visually matching fonts, such as heading, subheading, and text. The service takes examples from Google Fonts, and most of them are free to download. Fontjoy uses machine learning to create collections, the source code of the project can be viewed on Github.

Find free icons – Flaticon

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The Flaticon collection has nearly two million images. Among them are logos of popular services, images of objects and people that can be recolored and saved in different formats. However, to use the icons for commercial purposes, you need to credit or subscribe.

Choose a color scheme – Coolors

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Coolors helps to create a palette of matching shades: the user can choose the color he likes and generate similar ones or, conversely, contrasting ones. You can upload a photo to the site, and the service will highlight the colors that occur on it. Coolors is adapted for people with visual disabilities such as color blindness.

Recognize and download your favorite font – Font Squirrel

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Using Font Squirrel, you can find the font you want from its screenshot. The program offers to download both the exact matching version and similar ones.

Get inspired by examples of other people’s logos – Logobook

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The Logobook contains examples of ready-made logos from different companies. For convenience, they are grouped by topic and visual. So, the user can choose logos from the area he needs (for example, related to healthcare) or containing a specific letter or symbol.

Create Infographic – Infogram

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With Infogram, you can visualize data: create and animate infographics and graphs (animation is only available for use on web pages). Inside the service, there are tips and training materials, for example, advice on which type of graph is best to choose depending on the type of data.

Try yourself in prototyping – Figma


Figma is one of the most popular graphics editors out there. You can use it to prototype applications, add animations and transitions, and collaboratively edit projects. The service is cross-platform, and can be opened from both a laptop and a smartphone.

Source: Yandex Academy

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