5 Useful Tools for Writing a Business Plan

5 Useful Tools for Writing a Business Plan: The Best Way to Ensure Your Business Blooms

One of the keys to every successful business is a sound business plan. Writing a business plan is among the most critical initial stages of any business development.

However, because it appears so complex and tedious, many small business owners fail to make one. Thankfully, many tools help you create the perfect business plan and start you off in the right direction.

1. Enloop

Enloop Tool

Enloop business plan software guides you through developing a business proposal. Simply add your company’s information, and the app will generate a simple business plan proposal.

You may then build on the fundamental phrasing for a more effective proposal writing method. Financial planning tools, extensive reporting, and a real-time performance score instrument to evaluate your efficiency are also included.

These factors, as well as others, can help you secure funding for your next business plan proposal. Enloop is a SaaS (software as a service) solution that you may use right away from your web browser.

2. LivePlan

LivePlan Tool

LivePlan is a business plan software that keeps track of your progress while you write your proposal. Users are guided through the processes of developing a LivePlan Pitch by a single dashboard, which has 500+ sample plans with predictions, budgets, and other business proposal solutions for a number of industries.

LivePlan is a software-as-a-service system that runs on the cloud (SaaS). Businesses of various sizes use LivePlan in accounting, publishing, education, hospitality, and non-profits.

Finally, LivePlan offers the best business plan software on the market and a toolkit that guides you through the proposal writing process. the entire process of creation

3. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer Tool

Rocket Lawyer is an online legal help platform that offers services including business formation, legal document access, and legal consultation from attorneys.

Although Rocket Lawyer’s business plan is similar to that of some of its competitors, it stands out by offering free LLC creation to anybody who signs up for its monthly subscription.

The majority of the services you’ll need to start a business are available through Rocket Lawyer, and you can try out some of them for free with a seven-day trial.

If you decide to maintain your subscription, you’ll pay $39.99 each month for full access.

4. StartPad

StartPad Tool

Business planning software may make the process of developing a corporate strategy simple and uncomplicated. StartPad is one of the numerous excellent small business tools that may help with business plan writing, financial forecasting, and other duties.

StartPad stands out from other business tools since it connects you with business coaches and mentors who can assist you. The ability to build business plans is one of StartPad’s most useful capabilities.

It guides small businesses and startups through the phases of a business plan that are necessary for them to succeed. Another utility is the ability to construct both simple and complex financial estimates.

You could even get assistance applying for funding through StartPad.

5. Bizplan

Bizplan Tool

The user interface of Bizplan, which is part of the Startups.com package, is lauded for being easy to use and modern. By using this step-by-step business plan builder, you will get the perfect business plan.

Bizplan may remind you of a modern website builder because it has drag-and-drop features for generating templates. Once you subscribe, you can access all of the Startups.com network’s goods, including self-guided courses, how-to guides, masterclass videos, and more.

Overall, owing to its direct connectivity to Fundable, Bizplan is a superb business plan software option for organizations looking to raise money and attract investors.


Like any other specialized software, business planners and tools that aid this process come in many different shapes and sizes. We took five of the most reliable choices for the task at hand.

However, there are tens and hundreds more tools for you to choose from, so make sure you do your research carefully if you don’t trust us.