5 Best Google Workspace Alternatives

Google is predominantly recognized for what it offers to professional business environments and individuals. However, not being a free option anymore made many seek alternatives. What the users want is something like Google Workspace without needing to pay for it.

Earlier, the alternative services used to have questionable functionality when compared to Google Workspace. Nowadays, there are several solid alternatives people can use, and this article is about to reveal which 5 are the best Google Workspace Alternatives.

1. Monday

On the top of this list must be a full project management software package that is customizable and highly collaborative, so we introduce you to Monday. Monday can be adjusted to fit all the requirements of any individual project.

Also, Monday stands for a highly sophisticated workspace which makes it a perfect and cost-effective solution for many managers. Integration of a large number of other platforms, along with flexible project management abilities, makes Monday one of the best Google Workspace alternatives.

2. Asana

Asana stands for a full project management software application that allows the use of Calendars, forms, Gant Charts, etc. In other words, Asana is the right choice for all of those that need help with the automation of everyday tasks. Whatever your daily utility is, Asana has a solution. If you need a custom pre-designed template, or you need to create one from scratch –don’t stress out.

With Asana you can group tasks according to their headings, while the tasks can be assigned individually to bring some more attention to the product. The calendar option allows users to create a timeline for the implementation of the project. Good automation is perhaps the main reason why Asana is a favorite alternative to Google Workspace.

3. Wrike

The complete project management application software is Wrike. Wrike focuses on Gantt Charts, allowing the creation of different collaborations between members of the project team, so the accent is on the completion of the tasks and sub-tasks on time. What allows special focus on project management is the option of using performance indicators that are usually displayed in an infographic format.

As a promising Google Workspace alternative, Wrike works well with tasks, due dates, projects, dashboards, etc. Since many project management activities can easily get relative and subjective, the visual approach seems to be very convenient. The time tracker is an interesting feature of Wrike you don’t want to miss.

4. Zoho Workspace

Integrating the third-party application was the main aspect of competition between Zoho and Google Workspace. What first stands out is an enhanced user experience, since Zoho’s office is equipped with great tools that include an email hosting platform, chat option, web conferencing, and other tools necessary to improve the user experience.

It is an all-in-one office productivity package that brings together communication and collaboration. It comes with apps for instant messaging and calling, intranet organization, online meetings, spreadsheets, etc. Zoho easily integrates all the apps in a single interface, making sure there is continuity across various devices and apps.

5. Jira

One of the best workspace environment alternatives to Google, Jira lets managers monitor and allocate work in real-time. Particularly, it is one of the favorite choices of IT companies since it focuses on their needs. The free version allows up to 10 collaborators, but there is also a possibility of integrating Scrum and Kanban into the product.


Throughout time the trends have changed, and so did the workspace environment. Although Google has been predominantly known and widely used by IT companies around the world. However, several highly sophisticated alternatives discussed in the text seem to grab worldwide attention.