47 AfterEffects Tutorials for Beginners

Have you long wanted to learn AfterEffects or do you need to know it at work?

We have collected these lessons for you in order to easily understand the basic principles of working in the program, as well as the basic principles of animation for anything: from motion graphics to interface animation.


Settings and New Composition Creation

Toolbar and Text Layer Creation

Aligning layers

Anchor point

Getting Started Animating

Animation Scale, Rotation and Opacity

How to edit text correctly

Introduction to shape layers

Navigation and Sequence

Learn more about shape layers

Spatial interpolation

Time interpolation

Working with Stroke

Working with fill

Easy Ease

Value Graph

Alpha Matte. Appearance of text

Alpha Inverted Matte. Appearance of text

Mask using Precomp. Appearance of text

Track Matte with Text

Shape with Bezier Path properties

Morphing – deformation of shapes

To Create a Motion Path From a Shape

L the movement of an object along the path of the path

To Create a Shape from a Motion Path Path

Trim Paths stroke animation

Trim Paths Circle Stroke Animation

Controlling the start of the Trim Paths animation


Practical application of Repeater

Using more than one Repeater

Creating a plate

Create a plate. Solution of task number 1

Source text Animation Text Change

Moving text along a path

Circular movement of text

Animate fill color by letter

Animation by letter by transform

Bouncing text animation

Animating letter spacing

Animation by letter in 3D

Parent. Anchoring layers

Parent to Null. Binding layers to a Null object

Complex animation. Task number 2

Create a plate. Solution of task number 2

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