45 lectures for aspiring illustrators


45 lectures for aspiring illustrators

A selection of 45 great lectures to help aspiring illustrators become true professionals.

In addition to lectures on mastering the basics of illustration: perspective, light, shadow and color, these lectures will answer questions about the commercial side of illustration, copyright and finding inspiration.

Volumetric painting tutorial in Photoshop

The basics of creating 3D graffiti

From general to specific

Fundamentals of illustration

How to find time


Perspective in plain language

Master class in digital drawing from Dmitry Vishnevsky

The basics of light and shadow. Part 1

The basics of light and shadow. Part 2

The basics of light and shadow. Part 3

The basics of light and shadow. Part 4

The basics of light and shadow. Part 5

Digital Drawing Course

A series of paid digital painting workshops for beginners by world renowned designer Mike Lim, also known as Daarken.



Shades of black and white


Still life. Shades


Materials and textures


Draw metal


We draw trees. Part 1


We draw trees. Part 2


Draw rocks


Draw a still life


How to paint light in Photoshop

Interview with illustrator: Anya Conservi


Transferring the image to illustrations

Lecture on illustration

Honest fest. Full version of the lecture by Viktor Melamed


Lecture on digital illustration

Commercial illustration fundamentals for the aspiring illustrator


Skill illustration

A selection of drawing lessons from Olesya Poplavskaya

Illustrator Olesya Poplavskaya shared her life hacks and secrets that she uses in her daily work as an illustrator.

Things that inspire me to paint

How to translate an idea into a drawing

Watercolor tutorial

Drawing tutorial

How to draw eyes

How to paint lips

Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to illustrations

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