44 Cinema 4D Lessons


44 Cinema 4D Lessons

A selection of useful lessons for novice 3D designers, which will help you master the 3D modeling and animation program – Cinema 4D.

The lessons will allow you not only to master the basic controls in the program, but also to understand the principles of operation of many of its functions: modeling, texturing, animation, polygons and much more.

All lessons are divided into groups to make it easier to navigate in them.

Sketch & Toon

Shaping Sparks in Cinema 4D

Bubblegum Effect Tutorial

Clock simulation

Creating an Effect with Realflow

Sketch and Toon Intro Tutorial

Creation of a creative intro

Create a dynamic intro

Gold Intro-lesson Cinema 4D

Splashes and stains in cartoon style

Poster creation

Thank You For 9K

Low-Poly Mountains

Low-Poly Island

Basic Low-Poly Animation

Low-Poly Bee Swarm

Low-Poly Space Camp

Low-Poly Reactive Water

Low Poly Planet Earth

Low-Poly Rocket Launch

Xpresso Basics: Remapping and Iterations

Environment Creation

Beautiful clouds

Photorealistic composition of cartridges

Spline tool

Color chooser

Content Browser Preset: Shelving System

Content Browser Preset: Book Generator

Take System & working with Takes Tutorial

Metaball Updates and Tutorial

3D Motion Tracking & Compositing for Live Action

Lens Distortion Tool for Tracking Wide Angle Footage

Alien Planet

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