30 useful video tutorials for creative people


30 useful video tutorials for creative people

A selection of useful video tutorials, speeches and master classes for creative people.

These videos will be useful for designers, illustrators, animators, 3D artists and all creators.

Lesson on drawing a head in Photoshop

Create puppet animation in Adobe Flash

Acquaintance with the profession “Web designer”

Getperfect – Technical design lesson

Denis Kulish. “My mistakes in managing web studio”

Tracking and color grading in After Effects

3D Modeling in Cinema 4D


Mixing Music in Logic Pro X


Resource states of creativity

Film – Everything is a remix

What is a graphics tablet for and how to choose it

Frequency decomposition retouching

Anatomy and head proportions for artists

Fundamentals of color theory

Fundamentals of Illustration – How to Learn to Draw

13 fatal mistakes aspiring freelance web designers

Making a simple screensaver in Sony Vegas

Photoshop tricks for designers

Master class – Mastery of illustration

Where to start learning to draw

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – Draw a Smiley


How to become a web designer


Coloring the drawing on the computer


Photoshop Drawing Basics for Beginners


CG Stream – leshiy – Philosophy of drawing


Concept Artist and his Role in Product Creation

Logo design principles

Timing and Spacing in animation

How the design market works

Basic principles of material design

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