30+ fresh magazine mockups

Magazine mockups of different formats that can be useful for different purposes. With their help, you can easily demonstrate “live” what the work will look like. In addition, using mockups helps you yourself – looking at your work from the outside, it is very easy to notice flaws and mistakes.

A4 Magazine Mockup for Magazine Concepts

PSD Mockup, 4K Magazine (1)

Magazine Mockup Pack (2)

Ultra Clean Magazine PSD Mockup (3)

A4 Magazine PSD Mockup, Isometric View (6)

Square Magazine PSD Mockup (4)

Photorealistic Magazine Mockup (5)

Letter Magazine Mockup (7)

Magazine PSD Mockup (8)

Magazine Mockup by Vectogravic (9)

Magazine PSD Mockup (10)

Digest-Size Magazine PSD Mockup (11)

Photorealistic Magazine Mockup from GraphicBurger (12)

Magazine + Cover Mockup (13) (14)

Magazine Mockup Cover Opening (15)

Magazine / Book Front Cover Mockup Template (16)

Magazine Cover Mockup (17)

Open Magazine PSD Mockup (18)

Customizable Magazine Ad PSD Mockup (19)

Juniper Magazine / Portfolio (20)

Sport Magazine (21)

Style Magazine Template (22)

Clean & Simple Magazine Template (23)

Rounded Magazin (24)

Lifestyle Magazine (25)

Cool Retro Vintage Magazine (26)

Brochure / Catalog / Magazine Mockup (27)

Landscape brochure mockup (28)

Square Catalog / Magazine Mockup (29)

Lookbook Catalog Template (30)

Botanic Portfolio Template (31)

Source: colorlib

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