3 films for designers


3 films for designers

Watching design movies is the best way to expand your professional horizons in an easy and fun way, as well as get inspired by watching real people work in various creative fields.

We present you 3 films about creative people and their brilliant ideas.

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The digital revolution in art in the past decade has brought creative possibilities to an unprecedented scale. Where will such a trend lead – to an improvement in the quality of film, music and literature, to a new level of true talent, or to a digital ocean of mediocre mass culture?


Diana Vreeland – The Look Must Travel

A documentary about the “high priestess of fashion” Diana Vreeland, an iconic columnist and editor of fashion magazines. She has collaborated with publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, and has also curated exhibitions at the New York Metropolitan Museum. In 1965, her name was included in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame.

Diana Vreeland was a rebel by nature, she had the inner freedom to do whatever she wanted. Her driving forces were passion, imagination and boundless fantasy.

Awards: Silver Hugo Award for Best Documentary at Chicago International Film Festival 2011 + Golden Hugo nomination; nomination for the John Schlesinger Prize at the Palm Springs International Film Festival 2012; nominated for the Dorian Prize for Documentary Film of the Year at the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA) 2013. Participant of the 68th Venice International Film Festival 2011.


Perfect losers

This is the story of a group of independent designers and artists who founded a new art movement. The main value of this movement was the philosophy of street and freedom: graffiti, indie music and skateboarding.
The film “Wonderful Losers” tells about the everyday life of youth subcultures of the 90s, about how young artists gained popularity and recognition, making “art for themselves.”

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