29 tips on how to keep creating


29 tips on how to keep creating

Inspiration is a fragile and shy substance that requires constant nourishment. For some, these are travels or new books. For others, a strict regime or a certain sequence of actions.

Designers, advertisers, writers and artists often share their rules of effective creativity and personal secrets on how to awaken their creative inspiration in their daily professional routine.

The 29 tips below are simple and straightforward, but cover all areas from songs in the shower, to breaking all the rules as such.

1. Make lists

2. Carry a notebook with you everywhere

3. Try to write spontaneously by hand

4. Move away from the computer

5. Stop scolding yourself

6. Take breaks

7. Sing in the shower

8. Drink coffee

9. Listen to new music

10. Be open

11. Surround yourself with creative people

12. Get feedback

13. Collaborate

14. Don’t give up

15. Practice, practice, practice

16. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

17. Visit a new location

18. Rejoice in your luck

19. Get plenty of rest.

20. Take risks

21. Break the rules

22. Don’t force things

23. Read a page from the dictionary

24. Build structure

25. Stop trying to be perfect for someone.

26. Have an idea? Write it down

27. Clean up the workplace

28. Have fun

29. Complete something

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