26 useful video lectures for web designers


26 useful video lectures for web designers

We have selected the most useful lectures for everyone who is engaged in or plans to start doing web design.

Practicing designer Maxim Soldatkin considers this profession from all sides: is it possible to learn it without art education, how to be a freelance web designer, how to competently draw up a technical specification for a job, where to look for clients and many other interesting topics.

These lectures will be useful not only for beginners, but also for all those who are now trying to leave office work for freelancing.

8 basic web design skills for beginners from scratch

Profession: web and UX & UI designer

Entities in web design and interfaces

A / B testing

How to make a 960 grid modular grid

Where to go for a freelance designer to spend the winter

First money in web design

How to make a landing page

How to make the perfect site for finding a New You stylist

10 working ways to find clients for web design

How to make an interactive website or mobile app prototype in 1 minute

How can a designer find inspiration for a website or interface design?

How to make a responsive website for different screen sizes

How to write a custom script

What is advertising insight and how to come up with a good insight

How to write a technical assignment (TOR) for a website design

Perfect typography and micro typography

TOP 5 Typography Rules for Websites

Typography: how to choose a font pair for your website

How should a designer make up a website?

HTML and CSS for the web designer

How to prepare a website layout for layout, for a layout designer

How to make only 1 design option

Styles in graphic design

Website design in Photoshop (Photoshop) from scratch in 60 minutes by yourself

Answering questions as part of the web design course

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